Fixes Needed

Things that need fixing around my house:

  • Our phone — We have internet phones, and something is busted. So we have no calls coming in or going out. Which is fine, if you are a telemarketer calling me, because then you don’t have to hear my answering machine as I ignore you or, alternately, pick up and then hang up right away. But it kind of sucks for real people trying to call, like friends and work and our agency.
  • My laptop power cable — If I am to move my laptop anywhere, it requires a good 20 minutes of plugging the power cable in various ways into various outlets around the room while cursing loudly and colourfully before it will actually work. And, once you get it working, you could nudge it just slightly and have it immediately shut the laptop right off, no option to save, nada. Fortunately BDH the computer geek has found me an alternate power cable until a new one can be ordered for my busted one.
  • My knowledge of diaper genies — Dude. Seriously. Somebody gave me one, and I will be damned if I know how the heck it works.
  • Sleep — We have been sleeping really poorly of late. Despite being exhausted and yawning, we find ourselves wide awake and unable to fall asleep. Or we are sleeping fitfully, waking up often throughout the night. It makes for tired and crabby in abundance.
  • Cinnamon’s knowledge of doors — Each day we put up a baby gate so that Opus cannot wander too much throughout the house, get lost, or find new and exciting places to pee. And almost every day, Cinnamon gets trapped behind the baby gate. She’s getting too old to jump over these things (not that she was ever much of a jumper anyway — our ‘fraidy cat likes to always have her feet planted firmly on the ground, thankyouverymuch — and so when the gate goes up she is stuck there, unable to go downstairs to eat or have a drink or go to the litter box. And no amount of calling her before you shut the baby gate will cause her to clue in. She just sits at the top of the stairs, listening to you call her, and then sits forlornly for hours afterwards unable to get past the gate when she wants to.
  • Knees — Can any two people complain MORE about their aching, grinding, painful knees? I think not.
  • Bathroom doors — Our house is full of warped doors and badly hung doors and doorjambs. This means, in summer, you are unable to latch the upstairs bathroom door, which will then pop open at the slightest provocation, while in the downstairs bathroom, and extra push is required to mash the door shut. In winter, they are reversed, and the upstairs bathroom door must be dragged across the tiles and lifted slightly to get the latch to catch, while the downstairs bathroom closes fine. Privacy is at a premium, which I suppose is good training for having a toddler; however, I worry about little fingers and toes getting hurt by these badly hung doors sometimes.
  • My car’s A/C — I have no air conditioning in my car. This is fine for just me; however, I think driving with the windows open might get a bit too breezy for a small child. We’re going to have to bite the bullet and get it fixed. Sometime. And while they’re at it, maybe they can put a CD player in the car, because somehow I doubt my child will share my taste in music, at least some of the time, and it would be nice to have something to entertain a cranky baby.

10 thoughts on “Fixes Needed

  1. I could NOT live with my laptop power cable doing that – not even for a day. That said, I only just recently replaced my work one (expensed it, natch) because the wires were exposed where the duct tape was unravelling. Safe? I say not.

    I haven’t investigated diaper genies yet, but I’ve heard they’re no cakewalk to get the hang of. Just another way to make you think you’re unprepared for motherhood… 😉

  2. This does explain why you were unable to assist me via phone with my hunt for a card that I couldn’t find.

    Le Sigh. It ALWAYS happens that way.

  3. And, not that I’m judging or anything, but upon further inspection I do have to say that they Diaper Genie looks complicated.

    I mean, DUDE. They are diapers.

  4. I consider myself in the advanced class just to have been able to identify it as a Diaper Genie, truth be told.

    I think that’s about as far as the relationship between the contraption and myself is going to go. If I need to read a manual to learn how to dispose of diapers… well, let’s just say I have a couple of trash cans that are pretty self-explanatory.

  5. Well, I just have to say that my trash can handles just about anything I can throw at it. Although, a few of the “nasty didn’t make it to the potty in time” presents go in a plastic shopping bag first. No trouble figuring that out. Diaper Genie, well you honestly just don’t have time to mess with the thing, especially if the presents have spead everywhere and your hands are full of wipes, wiggling baby, and “ahem” stuff. Heck, it happens.

  6. So the diaper genie… decorative item, then?

    Although BDH wants to try it because, hey, it’s a gadget. And he likes walking around saying, “But it’s a diaper GENIE.” Like it’s imbued with some sort of magical POWER or something.

  7. Hey! I think I simply said that with a name like “Diaper Genie” it should suck the diaper right off the baby or something like that. You know, dispose of the diaper and clean the baby at the same time. No? Dang!

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