Last week, on my way home from backupuncture, I stopped in to visit my dear friend Heather and her kids. I do this often on the way home from my appointments, since she and I live in different cities. If I am there, I stop in.

One of the things I enjoy most about visiting them is the happy dance I am greeted with when Miss Isabella answers the door. In fact, one of my favourite things in life is the 4-year-old happy dance, hopping up and down and hollering that Auntie is here. Very few things in life make me as happy as a 4-year-old who is hopping up and down in happiness to see me.

But there was more in store for me when I arrived. Once the happy dance was done, Heather came in and took me into the kitchen to announce that this was my baby shower! There were balloons, and a cake (freshly decorated by Heather and Isabella), and presents. I was thrilled.

Now, I am not a person who a) has a lot of friends, and 2) does well as the centre of the attentions of strangers. I do okay with family events, and I used to be a teacher and a trainer so I don’t mind speaking in front of groups on a professional level one tiny bit. But I loathe surprise parties, parties thrown for me and consisting of mostly acquaintances, and corporate functions where you are being celebrated on your birthday/wedding/whatever, not because people like you, but because it is the Thing To Do and people just want an excuse to not work for an hour. I came most recently from a dysfunctional work environment where you were expected to participate in any and all events of a social nature, and bring food in for the company for the slightest occasion. It was a nightmare. Heather was there with me for 5 years, so she knows me well in this respect.

So imagine my delight to find my shower consisted of me, Heather, a 4-year-old and a barely crawling baby! It was AWESOME.

I was absolutely thrilled.

But even though we were few in number, there were still the shower festivities. There were games — balloon volleyball between myself and Isabella — and food (the aforementioned and frankly scrumptious chocolate cake, and the Little Man had a tasty bottle). And, despite the extraordinary generosity Heather (and her sister) has already shown by literally giving me tons of clothes and baby stuff, there were also presents! I got a self-feeder kit for my soon-to-be-teething daughter, and some CDs of kids’ music, and storybooks (Isabella’s favourite) and Little People. And giraffes — TWO giraffes.

It was about as perfect a shower as I could imagine. I’ve been on a high for days.

So thanks Heather and kids! Some people will take any excuse for a party. 😀

4 thoughts on “Showered

  1. I think it is fabulous and such a touchingly lovely thing for Heather and Isabella to do.

    Of course, Isabella is QUITE the hostess, as evidenced by the happy greeting dance. (Which is not at ALL the same as other 4 year old dances – the pee-pee dance, the Imagonnahurl dance, or the about-to-scream-bloody-murder-in-frustration dance.)

    I am SO pleased you had a shower.

    Which comes to think of it, is not really a statement one gets to make unless there is a baby involved.

  2. I love it! I love that your friend threw you a shower and knew that you didn’t like surprises filled with strangers you don’t know and made your shower still a surprise but with love from people you know so well.

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