There’s an avalanche of stuff in the baby’s room. We’re going to have to dig our way in to get everything ready for our daughter’s arrival.

It was clean, a few months ago. Well, clean-ish. We had hauled a lot of stored stuff out, in order to make room for baby furniture. There were still a few things in the closet, and some odds and ends to go yet. But we were able to move around in there.

Not anymore. Since then, it has filled up again, with boxes and bags and assorted other goodies for baby. Hampers of washed clothes need to be put away. Furniture needs to be arranged. Things need to be put up on walls. And there are still some oddball things, like a watering can and my sewing basket and a map of Japan and a picnic basket, that need to find storage elsewhere in the house.

preparing baby’s room 1

preparing baby’s room 2

preparing baby’s room 3

We have a lot of work to do. And the problem? We’ll have to stop every five minutes and marvel over the novelty of having baby things, at how cute and small everything is.

Le sigh. We’re never getting through the clutter.

I expect we should get used to it. She’s going to be a teenager one day, after all. Only then the clothes and stuff will be bigger, and we can tell HER to clean her room.

7 thoughts on “Avalanche

  1. Excuse me. Did you say you were expecting more than one baby girl? It looks like you were prepared for two or three. I guess a lot of this was from your friends. You will have lots of outfits for her and if you fall behind with the laundry don’t sweat it. It can wait for another day.

  2. My heart is pitter pattering for you! Wow, this is sooo exciting!!! Personally I think the watering can will enhance her green thumb and the map of Japan will make her want to travel…just a thought.

  3. Oh my GAWD look at all the good stuff…eeeee…now I am excited for you even more!!

    So, when you are done organizing baby’s room and you are home and all settled in…you are going to come and help me get arranged right? No…oh come on…you know you wanna!

  4. Thanks guys! (and Vicki, I hope you saw the big pink bag on the top of the wardrobe! Thanks again!)

    I like your take on the odds and ends, Rhonda. Although I think the protruding spout of the watering can MIGHT be a poke-in-the-eye hazard. So I guess it will have to go.

    And Rana — I’d LOVE to come help you get organized! But I think it will be a LONG drive. And I don’t even know if our girl is going to be any good in the car seat yet! So, it’s probably best that I just send my virtual good organizing vibes from afar!

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