Well — NOT surprisingly — our daughter’s visa did not arrive in the package of 4 visas coming in from Nairobi to our agency this week. If it had, I surely would have been shocked. It was a real long shot, but our case worker advised us to wait and see, just in case, before we started getting an MP on the case to rattle some cages in the High Commission to get our daughter’s visa processed in short order. So we added that task to the list of things to do.

We also learned that the earliest we can travel is the 2nd week of September, due to BDH’s work schedule. That was actually a really good thing to learn — despite BDH’s initial disappointment, since he’s getting really anxious to go get his baby girl (of course, I am too, but you know daddies and their little girls!) There’s something comforting not only in the time to prepare, but to have a solid date for a change. We have a date, and although it might be later than that that we end up travelling, we have something to shoot for.

So, we have some things to do.

As things get crossed off our list…

  • Documents in Nairobi, at the High Commission? – CHECK!
  • Found a rocking MP who is going to push the High Commission to get our documents going in a timely manner? – CHECK!
  • Emailed said rocking MP’s office with all the relevant information? – CHECK!
  • Washing baby clothes? – CHECK!
  • Got a travel agent looking into flights and hotels? – CHECK!
  • Washing baby bedding? – CHECK!
  • Washing still MORE baby clothes? – CHECK!

I’ve got more baby stuff to wash — quelle surprise — as well as some organizing to do in her room. That’s going to take awhile. But it feels good to check things off the list.

4 thoughts on “Check

  1. Hi- I just stumbled onto your blog from Rana’s. I am a little bit sad because I thought that I was John Cusack’s unrequited love!! (;
    Congratulations on your daughter!

  2. Hi Julie — welcome! And thanks!

    Yes, I have been the unrequited love of his life for well over 20 years now. But I’ve gotten used to sharing. He’s a giver that way. 🙂

  3. Oh you poor girls…sadly for you it is I who am truly John’s unrequited love..sorry to break it to you 🙂

    Cinn- I am so glad to hear that you have a date and you will soon be with your baby girl!

    And where did you find your “rocking MP” and if you don’t mind can you email me their name…it will be good ammunition for when I start calling, phoning and emailing our MP when we FINALLY get our referral. I can say “well MP so, and so got my friends baby home SO FAST..what can you do?”

  4. Rana, I can absolutely email you that info. Actually, our MP’s office was willing to advocate for us — but without an MP we went to an MP in a neighbouring city instead, just because we might need that bit more clout. But basically, I just went to the Elections Canada site, scoped out the MP websites to see who is big into what issues, and let BDH make some calls. This guy’s is big into immigration issues and citizenship, so he was high up on our list.

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