There is much joy to share.

The ever-wonderful Ricki and her husband Bruce FINALLY got their referral… a beautiful, chubby little boy, 3 months old! After a long wait and months of wondering, they have a son they will soon be able to call their own, a little boy who answers all their hopes and dreams. I can’t tell you how happy this makes us, and many others out here in this adoption community!

Also getting great news this week is Dynamite Dianne and her husband, who got a referral for a tiny, perfect, 2 1/2 month old girl! Sounding very much like our own daughter with her dislike of the paparazzi, this little one has been eagerly anticipated and is already much loved. We are all so happy for them!

And then there is us.

Yes, we got good news this week too. Late this afternoon — after a phone call to our agency yesterday confirming that none of our paperwork made it out of the Ethiopian courts before the annual closure — we got a call telling us all our paperwork is out of the courts. Yes, it’s ALL DONE and in Nairobi. (Or en route to Nairobi. Who knows? I was too busy flipping out at the time to make notes.) And I mean, ALL of it. Her birth certificate, her passport, everything. At any rate, it means we gain back 8 weeks, and all that is left is to get our travel visas to Ethiopia, which takes about a week, and to obtain one single solitary facilitation visa from the High Commission in Kenya.

One single document separates us from travelling to finally meet our daughter. One document, and some travel arrangements.

We’re a little stunned. Needless to say.

Our case worker said, with the absolute best luck, our best case scenario to travel is two weeks. Calm down… that’s the ABSOLUTE BEST, Hail-Mary-pass, miracle scenario. More likely, we will be travelling sometime in September, if all goes normally. (Plus there are problems for families trying to travel with getting flights in August, so September’s probably better anyway.)

A few weeks ago, we were pushed back to November or December. And in one day, we’ve gained it all back again.

Some days, there’s just so much joy it’s dazzling.

13 thoughts on “Joy

  1. Holy crap!! This is so great. What a WONDERFUL SURPRISE. It’s amazing what a difference a day can make, isn’t it?!

  2. That would be awesome if you’re off and away quicker than you ever imagined!! Wonderful news all around this blogging world these days. Oh wait, where’s my referral?


  3. OMG!!!!! Cinn that is the best news ever!!!!!!!! With the exception of Ricki’s referral (and mine one day :))

    Two weeks, oh my…two weeks….eeeeeeeeek….two weeks…o.k so here is to the best case scenario!


  4. What?? Where did my comment go??? I swear I commented on here right after I commented on the post below. Sighhh, must be baby brain already!
    My fingers are SOOOOOO crossed for cest case scenario!!! And how sweet that our babes are so close in age! We sure are lucky mommas!
    Whoop whooop all this good news makes me wanna DANCE!!!!

  5. Oh what wonderful news! I am so pleased for you! Fingers crossed that everything proceeds as it should.

  6. I agree with Haze, HOLY CRAP!!! I’m not religious but HAIL MARY, lets hope the rest of the paperwork comes quickly! It makes me so happy to hear of all the good news lately.

    It’s time to start looking at flights!


  7. For REALS? Okay, then I am no longer miffed that you NEVER called me back yesterday even AFTER I left a complimentary message.

    Oh. My. Dog. Do you KNOW what this means? You might have her there in time for MY birthday. Or at least be there with her for MY birthday. And you KNOW how I like you guys to celebrate my birthday.

    Oh wow. I need you to call me. I’m dying from the anticipation and numerous questions. You just do not KNOW.

  8. Oh my gosh – now I’ve been out of the loop, but this is very very unexpected and very very cool! No wonder you are in a rush to get ready.

    Well, a big congratulatory > to you, my dear. Just remember, you must overcome the picture phobia and post infinite pics of your little lovely girl when you get back! (and you too 🙂 )


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