I Blame Bureaucracy

It was inevitable.

We recently received some updated pictures of our daughter. All that beautiful hair I marvelled over and cooed over and bragged about? Is GONE. It all fell out.

Now, I was a bald baby. Bald as a cue ball. Bald and looking like Winston Churchill until I was 2 years old. And my sisters were bald. And all my nieces were bald. So the novelty is one reason I was so delighted with a baby with a lot of hair!

I didn’t know it could all fall out. But apparently, it can. It happened to BDH when he was a baby: born with a ton of hair, and then it all fell out.

So I guess it’s another way she’s taking after her daddy.

Kelly blames the delays in paperwork. She said that our daughter’s hair fell out when they told her that there was going to be a delay in when we could go pick her up. She also said it might explain why she looks so shocked:

<Image removed. Sorry.>

She said I should send before and after pictures to our local government officials and tell them, because of these delays, MY BABY’S HAIR FEEL OUT FROM SHOCK!

And with the look on her face… I’d have to agree.

(I love the giant clothes. But, to paraphrase Bernard and the Genie, there’s more to my daughter than FANTASTIC PANTS!)

8 thoughts on “I Blame Bureaucracy

  1. Oh my goodness! I have to say she is still adorable!!!!
    Did they tell you in the update how much she weighs? Now that you and I have babies *blush* close to the same age, I can compare my son’s size to your daughter’s size.
    Let’s hope your agency is wrong about the timelines and things happen much quicker then expected!

  2. Thank you! No updates on her size or anything yet, but we are expecting them. And now that we’re aiming for travel, we’re going to need them to know what sizes to pack!

    “YOUR SON”! How awesome is THAT!

  3. LOL, the face!! You just know she’s got something to say about the paperwork and oy, the wait to meet her mama and papa is making her pull her hair out.

    You know something, Cinn? I totally missed your earlier post with her first pictures on the blog. How the heck I did that, I don’t know. And I’ll tell you something else for free – your daughter is a real looker – hair or no hair.

  4. Aw, thank you! We think she’s a keeper.

    She’s gabbing at somebody in every picture we have, so yeah… she’s definitely our girl.

    She was totally not pleased to learn she had more of a wait, as you can tell. But now that we’ve gained some time back, I am expecting some more contented photos in her next update. Still talking, OBVIOUSLY, but happy.

  5. She lost her hair because she was wishing so hard to come home to you…her mommy and daddy….hee hee she is so cute!

  6. I just showed Isabella the picture. First thing she said – “No hair?? – oh poor baby!”

  7. She’s so fabulously saucy, I just KNOW it. She’s become Miss SassyPants in my mind. And I LOVE her.

    Damn bureaucracy – the hair IS all their fault.

    But can she rock the bald look? Absolutely!

    Doesn’t her cute little face make you want to kiss on those cheeks and snuggle her?

    And also? I can’t WAIT to hear her talk.

  8. She is beautiful!!! I am soooooo happy for you guys! I keep stalking your blog hoping something happened and you got to bring her home early!

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