Extra Long

We took an extra long weekend. BDH took an extra day off work, which means I got an extra day off, too. And we enjoyed an extra long weekend.

I had a dentist’s appointment, but other than that, there was nothing that had to be done today, so why not make it a really long weekend? So we got armed with a bunch of DVDs and our laptops, and sat down to enjoy another day off. Fortunately it’s been raining all afternoon, so there’s really nothing that had to be done besides sit and listen to the thunder and watch some movies.

BDH generally needs to take a little down time, with the nature of his job. And for me, I have to admit, I enjoy having a day to do absolutely nothing. Even though I don’t work other than my work here around the house, and the odd job I pick up here and there, there is always something that has to be done and so there’s always something hanging over you to get done. So with a day off, the pressure is off and I can be a lazy bum.

Even the dentist is tolerable on a day like that. I even started to feel like dozing off as the seat tilted back. I can’t lie.

For much of the weekend, I was feeling bummed and really bored to be stuck at home and indoors, because it was a wonderfully warm weekend and it would have been great to have been by a pool or at a cottage or by the lake all weekend. I would have loved to have enjoyed the sun, and swam, and all that. But we haven’t any money, so going away wasn’t an option. We did get away to visit friends at their cottage one afternoon, which was so much fun and so relaxing. But once at home, where we haven’t got a pool, staying cool meant staying inside. And so I felt compelled to DO something. I mean, I spend every day here in the house, and I generally DO things. So sitting around was starting to feel like kind of a drag. But I tried to putter in the garden, and the humidity was nasty, and it wasn’t any fun to just carry on with the stuff that has to be done around here. So, finally, BDH asked me “Can’t you just relax and enjoy a day OFF?”

And I thought, “Hm. I guess relaxing MIGHT be nice.”

So we are watching a whole bunch of movies, and I am doing a bit of work while BDH Saves the World from the Forces of Evil. Possibly a load of dishes will get washed. Maybe I’ll throw in some laundry. But if all that gets done is some resting and relaxing, well… sounds fine with me.

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  1. Sadly it is hard to relax without guilt, sometimes. Especially when you are at home. Sounds like you had fun, though.

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