Friday Fun: Vacate!

So, if you are looking for our usual Friday Fun merriment… it’s a long weekend, for the love of doG! Why aren’t you outside enjoying the summer?

Okay, let’s do something fun and vacation-worthy, to kick off August. Tell me:

  1. …the best beach you’ve ever been to
  2. …your dream vacation
  3. …the most relaxing vacation you ever had
  4. …the best way to beat the bugs
  5. …the best drink to sip on a beach/poolside/in a deck chair
  6. …the perfect barbecue meal
  7. …what colour your bathing suit is
  8. …the most annoying thing about long weekends
  9. …the most comfortable pair of shoes you own
  10. …what book I should read to relax over this long weekend

Now, back away from the keyboard. GO. Outside. Enjoy the beautiful weather.

5 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Vacate!

  1. 1. When we went to Portugal in October. It was amazing! Of course I also love Sauble Beach.
    2. Any vacation is a dream vacation but I have always wanted to go to Greece.
    3. I would say it was Mexico.
    4. We just sat outside with candles and bug spray. We may not smell pretty but no bug bites.
    5. I love Sangria
    6. Anything really but I have to admit I love a nice steak.
    7. I need to get a new one but mine is kind of turquoise and yellow.
    8. They end too quickly
    9. Any of my sandles are comfortable. I just bought 2 Noat sandels and I can walk all day in them.
    10. Whatever book is closest to the Sangria of course!

  2. 1. The Red Beach in Santorini, Greece. Amazing.
    2. I’d love to zip through the tree tops in Costa Rica
    3. The three weeks we spent bumming around Europe last fall
    4. inside with screens on the windows and a dog that can catch moths
    5. ice tea
    6. mmm… anything… but if I had to choose, fish, any fish
    7. teal and brown
    8. this particular one? knowing that your referral is stuck with the provincial authorities for an extra day before you can see it. boo. big boo.
    9. my bus shoes – fuzzy and slip-on
    10. well, not Harry Potter, because this whole Chamber of Secrets thing is stressing me out. Maybe OK magazine or something

  3. Dianne, I can’t even imagine how agonizing this weekend must be. Stupid bureaucracy. Stupid bureaucrats.

    This weekend, I will drink wine in your general direction. (And as I drink more, I make rude gestures in theirs.)

  4. Since everyone is off hopefully enjoying themselves, it’s my turn!

    1. I’d have to say 7 Mile Beach in Grand Cayman. Gorgeous.
    2. It depends. A beach getaway in the Caribbean, or a cottage on an island in Georgian Bay, or a cottage on the west coast of Ireland… hard to choose, really. As long as it is quiet and restful, and there is sun and water, I am happy.
    3. Definitely a week at the cottage.
    4. Screened-in porch, or campfire and bug spray!
    5. I like a really cold beer. Rickards White was nice.
    6. Steak and baked potatoes with my in-laws.
    7. Lime green and black
    8. Noisy people, traffic and sea-doos.
    9. My running shoes.
    10. I’m open to suggestions… right now I am reading a MASSIVE memoir of Nelson Mandela. Gorgeous but HEAVY.

  5. Ok I will finally bite on the friday fun…

    1. Varadero, Cuba
    2. Cairo to Cape Town, overland
    3. the week I spent alone in Varadero
    4. go inside!
    5. Corona or a good mojito
    6. Chicken and grilled veggies
    7. black, because I have this theory that it hides the fat. Sadly the theory has not stood up to quantitative testing.
    8. Tuesday morning
    9. my roxy flipflops from Australia
    10. anything by Marian Keyes

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