Double Feature

We are big into the AirMiles and points here, as you well know. Bigger even than the coupons. Not so big as the obsession with bargain shopping and clearance items, but still.

Okay, so it’s ME. I’ll be honest. Anytime I can get something cheapcheapcheap and get AirMiles or credit card points on it, I am as happy as Larry (however happy he is.) Because not only am I getting something cheap NOW — in the future I will get something for FREE. It’s like, double the cheapness, man!

But we have not been collecting as many AirMiles recently as we usually do because, frankly, the grocery store that offers them has gone downhill somewhat. AND it’s more expensive than the one down the street, so it’s not really worth it. But we still collect enough for the one thing we use the AirMiles for, and that is…


Good grief, we love movies. We have hundreds upon hundreds of DVDs, of course, since we don’t have cable. But we also both love to go out to a movie. We love movie popcorn, and sitting in the seats right above the walkway entrance to the theatre — you know the ones, they have that half-wall in front of them which works as a great shelf for snacks and drinks! — and we love the big theatre experience.

So, last night we went to the movies.

BDH has been feeling bad recently because he is playing a LOT of soccer, and isn’t home much. Now, I am okay with that — I am in favour of any physical exercise he wants to do, which helps with his diabetes — and also, I am quite okay with the alone time. I can exercise myself, or relax, or get things done… it’s all good. But he’s been feeling like I might be feeling a bit neglected, so last night, as a surprise, he took me to a movie.

His first idea was to take me to see Mamma Mia. I’d mentioned that I had heard good things, and that it might be fun to see, so he wanted to take me. But on the way there, we got to talking. And recently, as you probably know, The Dark Knight has also come out. And everybody has been positively raving about it. So we talked, and I suggested that maybe The Dark Knight was more of a”big theater experience”-type movie than Mamma Mia. I said I didn’t think Mamma Mia would lose anything if we just waited and saw it on DVD, so we decided on seeing The Dark Knight.

We got our popcorn and pop, all part of our free movie pass, got into the lineup early so we’d get Our Favourite Seats, and went in. The Dark Knight began.

And… It was dark. I should have taken the clue from the frigging title. And he was a knight, of sorts. But otherwise? It left me cold.

I have to be the only person on the planet who didn’t enjoy this movie. But I really didn’t. It was okay. That’s it.

Now, I am not a person who enjoys a lot of violence. And while there wasn’t a lot of gory violence — mostly fistfighting and the usual action stuff — it was still a bit too much for me. When it comes to action-type movies, I get uncomfortable with movies where the violence is actually something that could happen. And maybe that speaks to how good the movie actually is, that it made me uncomfortable, but if I am going to watch violence I prefer more of the “cartoon”-variety violence. You know, stuff that is a bit implausible, like your James Bonds or your Bournes.

And it was LONG. The damn thing Just. Wouldn’t. End. Just when there was a good spot for an ending, somebody would start monologuing and a whole ‘nother thing would start up. By about the 5th non-ending, I was just shaking my head. End, already! Make another movie with this stuff!

Also, it was unrelentingly dark. Really, REALLY dark. I mean, a more appropriate title would have been “Darky McDarkerson, the Dark Knight of Darktown”. I like some levity in my action movies, like with IronMan, for example. But this was dark. And not just in tone, but in lighting. So dark, I kept hoping somebody would come along (in the context of the movie) holding a flashlight so I could see what the hell was going on some of the time.

Anyway, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I had hoped. And I felt really bad, because BDH loves his comic book hero movies.

And the problem is, if I am not enjoying it, BDH spends all his time worrying about how I am not enjoying it, and so then HE doesn’t enjoy it.

So we both left the movie feeling really… blah. Kind of bummed, actually. Not just because we didn’t have a good time, but because it was so frigging depressing. I don’t know if I mentioned it, but jeez… all that DARK.

So BDH turned to me and said, “Are you tired?”

And he suggested we needed something to lift our moods, so why not a double feature? Why not see Mamma Mia?

He really wanted to have a fun night out with me. And so did I, come to that. So I agreed.

And off we went to Mamma Mia. Which turned out to be silly, and fluffy, and completely goofy. It was lighthearted and funny and hammy. It was PERFECT. Exactly what we needed. Yeah, it wasn’t necessarily something we needed to see on the big screen — it would have been just as good if we had seen it on DVD. (Moreso, actually, because we could pause and talk and rewind, which we love to do. And also? I am betting the special features will be AWESOME like a hot dog.)

But lighthearted entertainment was just the antidote to “Captain Dark Darkington of Darkland”. We had a GREAT time.

The theatre was mostly empty (not a lot of ABBA fans take in a 10 pm show, it seems), so we could still gab when we wanted to and belly laugh about stuff and not disturb anyone. And it was fluff — just pure entertainment, no bad things happening to anyone. Deep, provocative, Oscar-winning stuff? No. But fun. And full of sunshine and light and blue skies. Literally AND figuratively.

It was nice.

(And a side note: After the lights went down, we noticed a few pairs and small groups of men coming in. Now, men, whether you are gay or whether you are just an ABBA fan or both — admittedly, that’s a bit redundant, but whatever — embrace it! You don’t have to wait until the lights are down and sneak in! Embrace your inner ABBA fan! These are your PEOPLE!)

So, we got home late, and we’re both dog tired today. But the night finished on a high note, and we had fun.

Now, we normally do double features on long weekends when everybody is out of town and the theatres are relatively quiet. And a long weekend is coming up…

5 thoughts on “Double Feature

  1. I recently ignored the call of the darkness and went to Mamma Mia… I loved it as well!! So silly and fun!

    And I can I tell you how much I wanted to attend Sofie’s wedding!! All those cute bachelors!! ha ha

  2. Yeah, sometimes silly is good! And just to be in such a gorgeous place for awhile, wedding or no… it made us both think, “hmmm, Greece… vacation…”

    But I think, with the expenses for the adoption… we might be able to afford to go there for our OWN daughter’s wedding! (Of course, her daddy has decreed she can’t date until she’s, like, THIRTY… so we have lots of time to save!)

  3. I had heard that The Dark Knight was rather, well, dark. So, I am glad you followed it up with a lighthearted wonder of wonderful movies to take out some of the sunlessness of the other movie.

  4. And another thing… when did Batman become Speech Impediment Boy? When did he start wheezing and lisping and slurring like a drunk with emphysema wearing a dental retainer? I confuse.

    But, if he’s got emphysema and a bad lisp and has to wear dental appliances while fighting crime, it’s no wonder he’s drunk. And also? Dark. I’d be drunk and dark too, dammit.

  5. So. Seen any good movies lately? HA HA HA!!

    “Darky McDarkerson, the Dark Knight of Darktown” I LOVE that title. I like your review of both movies. I will probably wait until both flicks are on The Movie Channel. It takes a lot to get me into a movie theatre. I need an event – like SATC or the next Harry Potter.

    Oh, or a date. I might get into a movie theatre for a date 🙂

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