Stupid Abounds

Sometimes, people make me so angry.

Did you ever want to just make a scene because somebody was just being so stupid, you could barely stop yourself from going off on them? I had this experience this morning at the vet.

I had stopped in to pick up food for the gang, and it was busy. In line ahead of me was a woman who was picking up her cat from boarding. Now, we go to a fantastic vet that specializes in cat care. It is what they DO. So when you board a cat there, they monitor your cat, how much he eats or drinks, his behaviors, whatever.

The office manager working the desk was ringing this woman in, and told her that during her cat’s stay there, the cat was drinking a lot and peeing a lot — a sign of diabetes in a cat that is, from what I could tell, quite old. So the office manager said that the vet had recommended that the cat be tested for diabetes. She went over the cost with the woman, and when the woman hesitated, the office manager went back into the vet’s office. She came back and said the cat really needed the test, so they would work out a deal. Still she hesitated; but the vet’s office was very busy, so the office manager suggested she take a few moments to think about it while some other customers were served.

In the meantime, the woman went outside. It seems her husband was outside, and the woman wanted to talk it over with him, because she came in with an obnoxiously loud man of late middle age who was tied to his cell phone as if he were someone very important.

One of the techs came out to explain the problem to them. She told them very clearly that this cat in all likelihood had diabetes. She explained the test, and explained what diabetes is, and what the testing and treatment would entail. But the man refused to believe her, saying the cat is fine and happy and he’s just old and old people sleep and drink and pee a lot. I admire the tech for firmly sticking to her guns and saying No, that’s not the case, repeatedly. But he kept on, and said they were going to take the cat and leave. The tech gave in and went to get the cat.

Now, this man just would NOT shut up. He started going on about how the vet has been billing over a million dollars a year since they opened, how they were going to have to find another place to board the cat because they were just coming up with ways to take their money, blah blah blah.

I shot him a look, one I hope reflected all the hate and disgust I felt for him. I don’t know, but at least it shut him up.

These are not people who are short of money. They could afford the testing and the treatment, if they are able to afford to board their 20-year-old cat frequently. This couple is a mousy woman who seems unable to stand up to her husband, and a husband who is an asshole of epic proportions.

And the cat is going to suffer, and likely die, of something that could have been readily treated, rather than live out his old age in comfort.

I paid for my things, making sure the couple sitting there knew that I was spending a fair bit on my cats, willingly. We are on a very tight budget, but we do what we can for our cats. When you undertake pet ownership, you take responsibility for a life that depends utterly upon you. It is your responsibility to do what you can for them, within reason obviously. If this couple had been short of money, I would not have thought twice. But they are not.

The loud man left to answer yet another cellphone call. I took my armoad of bags and cans and prepared to leave.

The woman jumped up to help me by holding the door for me, as her husband had walked out and let it slam in my face. I felt bad for the woman, because clearly she was struggling with this decision. But I could not look at her. She did not fight to do what is right for their pet. I was so angry and upset for their cat.

I understand that many people don’t take pet ownership as seriously as we do. And I understand that it’s a fact of life that, while many people try to do what’s best for their pets and care for them as well as they can, there are still many more who don’t. I understand, but I don’t have to like it.

It was all I could do NOT to get into it with this obnoxious, hateful man outside the clinic, away from the poor staff that probably have to deal with shit like this on a regular basis. Clearly he thinks of himself as a big businessman, a big wheel. He’s one of those old men who thinks talking loudly on his cellphone is a sign to all that he’s IMPORTANT and RESPECTED and a BIG MAN. But he’s nothing but a stupid, smallminded, cheap asshole.

I’d have taken on the care of that poor cat in a second, if circumstances were different and we could afford it, and it meant he no longer had to live with this guy. This man could afford it, and was just too stupid and cheap to do so.

All I can do is hope the cat does not suffer too much in what is left of his life. And that the wife grows a backbone before it is too late to help that poor kitty.

6 thoughts on “Stupid Abounds

  1. I can’t stand men like that….they make my blood boil!! And even more I can’t stand people that choose to have pets but then don’t care for them as they should!! I am probably a little more sensitive to animals than most “normal” people adn I realize that but if you don’t want to spend money to necessarily take care of your animals then don’t GET ANY!!!! Pretty simple!
    Too bad I wasn’t there with you….we could have bombarded him with our fiery, anxious, waiting for our babies to come home, mommy hormones! That oughta have scared some decency into him.
    If I was the wife, I wouldn’t have even got out there and told him (not that Bruce would EVER deny proper treatment for our dogs) and just had the tests done without him knowing.

  2. Yep, I agree with you guys. He’s a hateful sort of man.

    So BDH and I grabbed a little bouquet of flowers and I baked some cookies, and we took it over to the clinic to show that, although not everybody appreciates their hard work, we do.

  3. o.k. you guys are so sweet! I am sure you made the guys and gals at the clinic feel so good!

    I am always astounded that people take on the responsibility of pet ownership only to blatantly disregard their animals…my cat has diabetes and has for almost 2 years now and when the vet told us it was without a doubt….how do we treat it and when do we start..she will need insulin shots twice daily for the rest of her life and I hope she lives another 10 years I love her that much!!!

    I too would have been steaming mad at the man’s insolence, ingnorance and downright stupidity not to listen to the vet’s advice.

    I wish that cat could find its way into a family that loved it and the woman would find it in her soul to leave that horrible man or at least stand up to him.

    Whew! I feel better now!


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