Friday Fun: Choices

Okay, people — today is all about the choices! This or that? In or out? Should I stay or should I go? And for the most part, they’re all fairly fun choices, because hey — it’s a beautiful day outside and it’s Friday. Nobody wants to work too hard!

But at least there is SOME order. I had a plan. I am not just lazing the day away — oh no. No matter how much I want to…

So tell me:

  1. Andrews Sisters, ABBA, or Alabama?
  2. Bongos or big bass drum?
  3. Crossword puzzle, card game or computer game?
  4. Denmark or Dominican Republic?
  5. Elevator or escalator?
  6. Farmer’s market, fancy restaurant, or fast food?
  7. Ginger ale, green tea or Guinness?
  8. Hot air balloon or hang glider?
  9. India, Indonesia or Israel?
  10. January or July?
  11. Kangaroo, kodiak bear or kitty?
  12. Lavender, lilac, or lily?

Let’s see what people pick today!

7 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Choices

  1. 1. ABBA – I am totally a “Dancing Queen”
    2. Bongos
    3. Card game
    4. Denmark because I have been to the Dominican Republic
    5. Escalator – I have a fear of being trapped in an elevator
    6. Farmer’s market any day
    7. Green tea
    8. Hang glider
    9. India, Indonesia or Israel – yes please and in that order
    10. July
    11. Kitty – I can’t refuse a kitty
    12. Lily

  2. Here’s my picks:

    1. Alabama
    2. Bongos
    3. Cards
    4. DR
    5. Escalator
    6. Farmer’s Market
    7. Ginger Ale
    8. Hot air balloon
    9. ahhhhh, ummmmmm, how about all 3?
    10. Gotta be July!
    11. I do love my kitties 🙂
    12. Lily

  3. My picks are:
    1. ABBA (though not a huge fan)
    2. Big bass drum
    3. Computer game (trivia, preferably)
    4. Denmark
    5. Escalator
    6. Tough choice – fancy restaurant, I guess
    7. Green tea (with dim sum)
    8. EEEK – neither, but hot air balloon if I have to choose
    9. I also would like to pick all three!
    10. July
    11. Kitty (gotta love them) followed closely by kangaroo
    12. Lily

  4. Alrighty then — my turn to play!

    1. I think I have to pick ABBA on this one. I went through a love-hate-tolerate relationship with them, and now I kinda want to see the Mamma Mia movie.
    2. I have to go with big bass drum. I used to bang one at high school basketball games, plus I always dreamed of being a drummer so I have a fondness for the big kick bass.
    3. Crossword puzzles are fun. Although if we’re talking about Sims2, I must admit computer games are big for me too. And I hatehatehate playing cards.
    4. I’ve been to DR so I have to go with Denmark.
    5. Hm. I think escalator.
    6. Oh, I love a good farmer’s market. And we live in the land of farmers’ markets here, so it’s just something we DO.
    7. Ginger ale, please. I don’t drink pop, except for ginger ale and Fresca.
    8. Neither one appeals to me in the slightest. But I hear they often offer champagne on Hot air balloon rides, so at least I could get drunk. Drunk hang gliding does NOT sound like a good idea.
    9. Indonesia, I think. None of them appeal to me, really, so I am just taking a shot in the dark.
    10. DUH. July. Preferably with a waterfront cottage on Georgian Bay or Lake Huron.
    11. I have 4 cats. You think I will take a chance and choose something else? They’d murder me in my sleep, man.
    12. I love them all. But this year, I am fond of lavender, which is blooming so well and smells so great in my back garden.

  5. 1. ABBA. We saw the stage production in Ontario and it was Great.
    2. Bongos.
    3. Crossword puzzles.
    4. DR.
    5. Elevator.
    6. Farm market.
    7. Guinness. It has been one of those summers when a cold one hits the spot.
    8. Don’t like your choices. I could watch both from the ground.
    9. Don’t appeal to me but go and have a good time.
    10. JULY even with the humidity.
    11. With those choices I guess it will be Kitty. Darn.
    12. Lavender and lilys are both in bloom and I love them both. But the lilac are earlier and I love them in season.

  6. hey…why does my list show up so much…that is weird…I certainly didn’t mean to post 3 times…you must think I am a weird-o…I am not…well o.k. a little but certainly not weird enough to post the same thing 3 times…

    sorry about that :0


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