Presents and Pointy Things

So, it’s fair to say our lives have been a bit of up and down for the past couple of days. You have to admit, it’s never boring.

Yesterday continued that trend. We had two errands to run: first, to the travel clinic to get all our necessary injections for our trip to pick up our daughter, and second, to the agency to talk about the stupid bureaucratic logjam we’re currently in… but at the same time, on a happier note, to drop off the first present we can give to our baby girl.

So we were up and out really early yesterday, because our city’s travel clinic doesn’t have the facility to deal with some of the more “unusual” travel opportunities and the injections and drugs required. So we had to drive into the next city, which is bigger and their clinic better equipped.

We were feeling pretty upbeat, mostly because we were so frigging tired from the emotional day before. So we happily went into our appointment at the Public Health office and listened attentively to all the information they had to offer about prevention of infection while we are in Ethiopia. (But we also absorbed next to none of it, so it’s a good thing they sent us off with a folder of information.) And because of our somewhat tired and giddy moods, we happily agreed to whatever injections were on offer.

And an hour and 3 needles apiece later, we left with arms full of typhoid, yellow fever, and polio injections. And a paper bag containing an apparently bland raspberry beverage to fight off cholera and other intestinal distress. Or something. I have no idea.

So Typhoid BDH and myself headed off to the agency, where we met with our 2nd consecutive fab case worker. (After a really rough start with this agency, we’ve had 2 great case workers in a row! Yay!) And that is when we handed over this:

first present 1

Once a child is legally declared to be adopted, their family can send along a package of toys and whatnot for the child, that will travel with the next person in the agency to visit the transition home in Addis.

Now, you’ll remember a while back, just after our referral came through, there was a meeting of the Mystery Baby Welcoming Committee in which discussions were had as to who would be accompanying Pooh Bear Picture Frame to Ethiopia as part of the Special Advance Travelling Welcoming Sub-Committee.

Well, after much deliberation and discussion of the various merits of all members of the Committee, and having it pointed out that whoever goes must fit into a ziploc bag of limited size, the Committee came to an agreement. And so, we have the following, en route to Ethiopia in short order:

first present 2

The package contains one photo of mom and dad (us) in a soft plush Winnie the Pooh picture frame (that is also a music box, playing the Winnie the Pooh song), one photo each of mom and dad for the wall beside baby’s crib, two onesies with “Canada” logos on them, and Giraffe lovey blanket which also doubles as a rattle (giraffes having been a bit of a theme for us during this whole process).

I know everyone wanted to go along, but a ziploc is not very big. Besides, our daughter’s only little. She can’t read. She can’t play with much stuff yet. So we thought these were all things that were fairly drool- and gum- friendly, for the time being. We’ll maybe send along another package later, as she’s able to grip things and such.

And, package delivered, we headed for home.

And this is when we began to notice the “flu-like symptoms” that come with these injections of nasty diseases. Not to mention, the serious discomfort in your arm that comes with the intramuscular yellow fever shot, which makes lifting your arm in any fashion fairly uncomfortable, if not downright painful, and rendering it, and you, mostly useless for the remainder of the day.

Good thing there were storms to watch from the porch last night. The pouring rain and thunder mostly drown out our whining and complaining.

14 thoughts on “Presents and Pointy Things

  1. I blame the tropical-disease-induced fever. And BDH, as you well know, is NO Mary.

    Oh, wait, what? I don’t actually HAVE all these diseases?

    Damn. So much for lounging about in bed all day.

  2. I’m glad after all your committee meetings, your choices were approved and you were allowed to proceed with your ziploc packing. Congrats on the successful court date, that’s awesome news! And fingers crossed for a quicker travel date than they’re saying, hey you never know 🙂


  3. Thanks Rhonda! It was tough; everyone was eager to go. The delegates from the Urban Regions were quite persuasive in their arguments — they ARE small, after all — but in the end we went with a drool-friendly Giraffe rattle-slash-lovey blanket. Everyone was gracious after the selections, and now the committee’s thoughts turn to placement in the baby’s bedroom.

    I feel a Room Decoration Sub-Committee Meeting might be in order.

  4. You better get used to putting yourself last from now on. Baby will take priority over anything you may come up with or down with. She will rule the roost from now on and you will love her for it. No more sleeping in late or rolling over for a few more winks of sleep. She will be louder than any alarm clock and very insistent that you attend to her needs right away. Lounging about in bed? A thing of the past. Don’t even think about it. A quick smile and hug from her will be your reward and nothing could be better than that,it will melt your heart.

  5. What a feeling that must be knowing that those very items will soon be with your wee daughter…there was just no way you could have shrunk yourself to fit in the baggie, hey?
    Oh and I remember those dreaded needles I had to get when I went on the humanitarian trip…..ran out of room on my arms and had to move on down to the legs and let me tell you there is no storm that would have been loud enough to drown out my whining and complaining!!
    Oh and I do think that you made wise choices in regards to the welcoming committee, well thought out!

  6. Hi-
    I noticed your comment on Rana’s blog. I just wanted to say that all of the book club selections are available at the library. (I have no budget for books either! I am saving all of my money to hand over to ET Airlines). Soooo, come join us!

  7. Thanks Julie! We’re going to give all our money to KLM. So, I can relate… 🙂

    I haven’t been to the library in years! Perhaps it’s time to check it out again, in advance of Storytimes!

  8. I can’t believe how well all those items fit in the ziploc!

    Please let the Welcoming Committee know they have a very important job getting the room ready…to be in charge of the “feng shui” as it were is most auspicious and certainly not to be taken lightly.

    Soon your wee one will be able to gaze at your photos and while she is young – in her heart she will know you will be there for her soon.


  9. I shall tell them, Rana. But I think their biggest concern is going to be who gets prime real estate near the crib, instead of up on top of the armoire or (doG forbid) in the toy net hanging from the ceiling!

  10. Not the toy net!!!! Nooooooo!!!!

    On an aside, I can only imagine why you’ve not been to the library in a while. It’s shocking. You have such a love for the librarians.

  11. It is true. I DO loves me the librarians, rockers of my world. However, I can sum my reluctance to go to the library in one word: parking.

    The library in town is downtown on a very busy street corner, and parking is minimal. When we lived downtown, I could walk to the library easy peasy. But now that we have become Southenders, we’d have to drive, and then find parking somewhere in the vicinity which is a) not going to get us towed and 2) within a 10 minute walk.

    So when Herself is here, we’ll be able to combine a walk and a trip to the library! I can park somewhere in my old neighbourhood and then we can go for a walk, and stop in at the library.

    Also? My library card has long since left the building or expired. So I am going to need to get a new one!

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