In Other News Today…

Okay, so. You guys know I live in a very suburban neighbourhood. New development, trees, nature, blah blah blah.

So imagine my surprise this morning when I stumble outside in my pajamas to take out the garbage, and I see a bevy of RCMP.

Yep. The Mounties were on my street.

Now to some, this is no big deal. In some areas and some provinces, the Mounties are in charge of policing, everything from speeding tickets to murder scenes. But here in Ontario, we have 3 levels of policing: municipal (our city police, who handle traffic and “everyday” crime, as well as vice and homicide); provincial (the OPP, who handle traffic on major roads and highways and more in-depth, more serious crimes) and the RCMP, who we almost never see, and usually are at the top of the food chain handling major crime issues like organized crime, major investigations, and interprovincial/federal stuff. (That’s a basic breakdown — of course I am sure there are finer points to it than that. Gimme a break. It’s early.) So having the RCMP show up is a fairly big thing. Or, at least, surprising.

They were down the street, a car and an SUV, flashers going, officers in vests. Across the street from them were a couple of SUVs and the officers in gear were talking with the occupants of the cars. And at first, I did not realize they were Mounties — I just saw the cop cars, and came inside to tell BDH. He went out to look and saw they were Mounties.

So, we were getting BDH packed to go to work and standing in the foyer. We saw the RCMP vehicles drive away, and the regular SUVs came up and started parking along the street in odd places. Nobody in the regular cars got out. BDH had to go to work, so he got in his car and drove away.

A few minutes later, I get a call from BDH. He pulled around the corner (our street is kind of shaped like 3 sides of a rectangle) and saw the Mountie cars had pulled up to a house and were talking to the (we assume) female occupant of the house on her porch. The house is a new one, one of the last ones built on our street — used to be a show home, so whoever is in there has cash.

I saw the other regular cars drive back down the street, stopping so the occupants could talk to each other, and then they all drove off.

So now, we’re speculating like mad. What could be happening on our quiet, very residential street?

We MUST know. And yet, we likely never will. Damn. I mean, it’s not like you can just walk up to the RCMP car, mid-sting operation or drug bust or whatever, and tap on the window and say, “Hullo there! What’s up?” No matter how cheery you might be.

I wish The Mayor was home. He TOTALLY would have been up there on the porch with those guys.

2 thoughts on “In Other News Today…

  1. I know! Biggest. News. EVAH! And yet, where was he?

    I am disappointed in him, actually. I rely on him to stick his nose in and find out the poop on these sorts of things.

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