Stopping Time

Have you ever had those moments where you wish that time could just stop, so you could savour the moment a little bit?

Many people have them — but often we’re too busy to stop and really appreciate them. I am trying to learn to live my life more in the moment, and and trying to remember to stop and appreciate those times when they come along. I know there are many of them to come, when Mystery Baby Girl is home and learning and growing.

I had one the other day. And I really wished I could just stop time, and sit there, and enjoy.

I was driving to meet BDH for lunch before my acupuncture appointment. And because of our location here, and the fact that the traffic here in town can be frustrating, we are able to skirt around the city and use some more rural roads on the outside of town to get where we are going.

I had just turned on to one of these roads, where the speed limit finally changes to 80 and we usually cut loose and go fast. I had just started to when I noticed up ahead there was something in the ditch. So I slowed right down, and out of the brush came a deer.

We have quite a number of deer around. In fact, we have a lot of wildlife. With one of the best vet and agriculture schools in the world on our doorstep, it’s a very wildlife-friendly place — one of the reasons why we love it here. But it has also taught us to be on the look out at all times for various creatures making their way near the roads when we’re driving anywhere. So you get used to slowing right down to let something go by.

Normally, the deer know their habitats pretty well, so they get across the road when nobody is near and they do it fairly quickly. But this one did not. She came up out of the ditch, looked both ways, and started to walk across the road. And then she stopped. She looked both ways again.

I would normally toot my horn to hurry her along, and my hand was poised to do so when I first saw her. But when she hesitated, so did I, for some reason.

And then, out of the ditch, tottered a little tiny fawn.

This was one of this year’s babies, back still dappled and legs a little shaky. She was beautiful. And mom was there, looking this way and that, patiently leading her littlest one across the road to the field on the other side.

Normally we would honk to startle a deer and hopefully discourage it from crossing a roadway in future, for their safety. But if I had done so that morning, I might have separated the mama from her baby. Something made me stop.

And they were both so beautiful, I wished I could just stop time there and watch them. I could spend hours watching the deer as they walk past our back fence at home, grazing, but we don’t often get a mama and her baby. Usually they keep the babies hidden in the woods. So this was really special.

I remembered just how beautiful they could be. And I wanted to just stop right there and forget about all the cares and worries of everyday life, all the bad news and troubles we hear about, and just enjoy something so pure and lovely for awhile.

But alas, life doesn’t work like that. In a few moments, they were safely across the road and into the bush on the other side. The moment was gone.

But for a few seconds there, time seemed to stop. And I was able to stop with it, and appreciate one of those precious moments.

I am getting better at this.

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  1. What a beautiful moment you had. And by blogging about it, you were able to ‘stop’ and relive it. Thanks for sharing.

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