Friday Fun: Sticky

Ugh. It didn’t rain overnight as forecast and it’s going to be hot and humid and sticky again today — just in time for my acupuncture appointment. GREAT. So in honour of the weather, the Friday Fun is all about sticky things… and we’ll make it nice and short so you can go enjoy more pleasant temperatures somewhere else.

Tell me:

  1. … something hot and sticky that is NOT the weather.
  2. … something sticky you use around the house.
  3. … the hottest, most humid place you have ever been.
  4. … something that kids like that ends in a sticky mess!
  5. … something that is not as sticky as it should be.
  6. … a bit of a “sticky situation” you’ve found yourself in.
  7. And to end on a pleasant note… something sweet and sticky that would be tasty right now.

Alrighty, kids… I’m off to ride in my portable sauna to the acupuncturist. Stay cool!

3 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Sticky

  1. Well, I am going to start today because a) I am bored and 2) it’s nice and cool sitting in front of this fan here. 😀

    1. Well, since I drove today through a billion miles of construction work, I’d have to say asphalt. And stinky, too.
    2. Honey. Well, I do anyway… in my tea.
    3. I’d have to say the week I spent in Hong Kong is right up there. Possibly also summer in southern Ontario.
    4. Popsicles! We were talking about popsicles yesterday!
    5. Sticky notes. Dude, they stick for about 3 milliseconds.
    6. Let’s just say never wear cheap sandals on a hot day right after a pedicure and try to walk any distance. It’s like stepping out onto hot, sticky, sweaty ice.
    7. I could murder a pecan mudslide sundae right about now.

  2. Ok, I’m next!
    1.Pie drippings straight from the oven.
    2.Crazy glue.
    3.Ummm, Jamaica maybe?
    5.Post it notes
    6.Sitting on a patio and seating so much that my skirt stuck to my thighs….not a pretty sight!
    7.Cinnamon buns…..I have been craving these for like 2 weeks now!

  3. 1. The first thing that popped into my head was “sticky buns”. I love them! Also cinnobons – or however you spell them.
    2. Well since I just wrapped a present I would have to say tape.
    3. Mexico in July
    4. Popsicles – or a chocolate dipped ice cream cone from DQ
    5. Double sided tape
    6. Well let’s just say it was a game of truth or dare and I lost and leave it at that!
    7. A daquari. Again with the spelling – perhaps I shouldn’t have one.

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