16 thoughts on “Big Days

  1. Delurking to say GOOD LUCK! I’m adopting from Ethiopia too, so I’m glad to see the process going relatively smoothly.

  2. Yippee! My fingers are crossed for you! How wonderful would it be to get through before court closures!!!
    So does that mean that Imagine is now letting families know about impending court dates?

  3. Thanks so much Janna! And welcome! I hope your adoption journey is going well!

    Ricki, we were told by our last adoption worker that they were NOT going to be letting families know until AFTER the court date was passed. So I was quite surprised when our current worker told BDH the date it was scheduled for. I honestly don’t know what the policy is anymore!

  4. My everything that I can possible cross is crossed!! ok ok not really but I am thinking REALLY GOOD THOUGHTS about the whole thing! I hope you pass court on the first try!!

  5. Thanks Tanya! I wouldn’t want you to sprain anything by crossing it too much. Plus having everything crossed makes driving and cooking and such a bit difficult. But I will definitely take the good thoughts!

  6. Cinn – I really hope the court date goes thru this week….I am sending massive amounts of positive energy out into the universe for you 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. I’ve got things crossed for luck too!
    I hope the massage helps your back as well. Back pain is NOT fun. I’m cringing just thinking about it.


  8. Thanks, peeps! We are hoping for a phone call next week saying “She is yours”. But the way bureaucracy goes…

    And I changed my massage appointment to acupuncture, which I have never tried before… so there’s two big changes (potentially!) this week!

  9. oh I love acupuncture…I know sort of weird but I was going for a while to help get the old fertility working (didn’t by the way) but it sure it did relax me…he would get the needles in and I would be out like a light!!!


  10. Yahoo!!!! I’m so glad to hear the good news. Just so you all know. I get to hear it on the phone before you do on the blog. I love to brag and I love to brag when I get something before anyone else. That was a promise and I hold them to it. SOOOOOOOOOO there. I am so sassy but can you blame me. Cinn is always telling me I am sassy so I will live up to it. If I could stick out my tongue at you all I would. BDH could probably show me some way to do that on line but hey consider it done. Seriously, I am so happy for you both. It has been a long wait and I hope every thing goes well and on schedule and if so we will see you in September as promised. Love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck.Cinn you will have to adjust to a new baby and inlaws at the same time. Lucky you.

  11. Duuuuude. Sassy Grandma, right there.


    Cinn, I have family envy. Can I have your family? (The BDH side, that is?)

  12. WOW! How’d you get that info out of your case worker? Mine is tight lipped about anything!

    Hope your court date goes well!


  13. Thanks Sandi! BDH is good at charming the case workers, I think. He gets more information from them than I ever could when I used to do the calling!

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