Sunday Stuff

Today’s random information:

  • A power washer and some dirty lawn chairs on a hot sunny day is really just a high-powered grown-up lawn sprinkler. I am drenched and sunburnt and happy as Larry. And I have clean lawn chairs! I hope it’s sunny again tomorrow so I can power wash something else.
  • Homemade apple crumble pie rocks. And it’s really easy.
  • Moving to New Zealand is not an option. Damn. It struck me as a brilliant plan this morning…
  • My gardening shoes (faux-Crocs) have given me a very strange polka-dotted tan on my feet, and the look of perpetually dirty ankles because of an unfortunate tan line.
  • Not all teenage boys are sullen, irresponsible and shiftless. They are, however, NOISY.
  • I have discovered I can still do things that require tools and some manner of strength and whatnot by myself. I thought the ability had left me sometime around the time I found myself part of a couple, as often happens. But, I find myself alone bytimes with things to do, and thinking, “Well, why don’t you just do it your own self, then?” And lo and behold, I can.
  • I miss swimming and sunshine.
  • A good icy cold beverage is a happy thing indeed.
  • I’ve been mapping my bike rides each day — well, actually, I am quite a bit behind, but I have a map started and when I left off in early June I was already in Kingston. I estimate that I am probably well into Quebec by now. When I get it up-to-date I’ll post it. Go me!