Friday Fun: Rainy Days

Yay! It started raining overnight, with low, rumbling thunderstorms that make me just want to stay in bed and snooze. But I can’t — things to be done and all that. Hopefully it will rain all weekend, so maybe tomorrow or Sunday can be a lazy lay-in-bed kind of morning.

So here I am, with a Friday Fun all about rainy days.

So tell me:

  1. Do you like or dislike rainy days?
  2. What colour is your umbrella?
  3. Where’s one place you don’t like to go/one thing you don’t like to do when there’s a thunderstorm?
  4. Name a song with “rain” in the title.
  5. What’s a fun rainy-day activity to do with kids?
  6. What’s the best colour for rain boots?
  7. Where’s someplace you’ve been (or want to go) where it rains a lot?
  8. Name 3 relaxing things to do at a cottage on a rainy day.
  9. What’s one time you were caught in the rain that you didn’t want to be?
  10. Should I make an apple crumble or oatmeal raisin cookies today (since I am staying in out of the rain)?

Have a good day!

5 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Rainy Days

  1. Oooo… I keep wanting to do one of your Friday Funs, and always miss it…

    1. Love ’em
    2. Black with my former employer’s name emblazoned stylishly across it
    3. Being in my bedroom… the roof vents rattle loudly and it’s freaky
    4. Blame it on the Rain (oooh, how embarassing)
    5. The aligator game. Go the whole day without touching the floor, because that’s where the aligators are. Strewn pillows make great lilypads or islands to leap between. (Also known as the lava game or the swamp monster game.)
    6. Red
    7. Queen Charlotte Islands
    8. Baking, reading, crocheting (Activities can be supplemented with blankets and books on tape in the background. Unless you’re reading of course. That would just get confusing.)
    9. Any cold windy day in Calgary, but specifically the one where the bus drove right past me without stopping (!!)
    10. Apple crumble

  2. 1. I love rainy days!
    2. Black
    3. I don’t like to have the t.v. on – my grandma used to unplug all the appliances etc in case we got hit by lightning…wierd I know but I still do it
    4.I Love A Rainy Night by Eddie Rabbitt – seriously it was the first thing that popped into my head…I am dating myself are’t I?
    5.Have a scavenger hunt around the house!
    8.Read a book, play games, sit on the porch and watch the rain.
    9.After we came out from Cirque Du Soleil it was pouring and I was wearing a tank top and skirt with little sandals and had to run thru giant puddles to the car…it was freezing!!
    10.Really…your going to make me choose…’cause I would like both please and a cold glass of milk too 😉

  3. 1. I love rainy days. I get to sleep if I want to in the afternoon and not feel guilty.
    2. I think it is blue. I don’t use it very often.
    3. Outside. We lost the vcr last thunder storm and don’t know why.
    4. “Raindrops keep falling on my head”.
    6. I don’t own any so don’t know.
    7. I try to keep away from places like that.
    8. Reading would have to be #1, then napping, then eating.
    9. In Florida when we were visiting “SEA WORLD” the heavens opened up and in no time there was 3 inches of water on the ground.
    10. Apple crumble by a mile.

  4. I love waking up to rain. It was raining again this morning — only briefly — but STILL. Bliss.

    1. I like rainy days. They are a good excuse to be lazy.
    2. I don’t really have an umbrella. I DO have one, that I brought home from Japan, but I have no idea if it actually works anymore. It’s in my car. It started as burgundy with white polka dots, but the sun has faded it to a sad pink colour. I should have taken better care of it — it was a good umbrella.
    3. I don’t like to drive in a rainstorm.
    4. “Singin’ in the Rain” — how I love that movie!! And the song makes for a great dance number.
    5. Well, there’s never a bad time for a dance party. But I also like running around in the rain, too.
    6. I don’t know — something BRIGHT. Maybe yellow. Maybe red.
    7. I’ve been to Ireland. I’ve also done rainy season in Japan. But I’d like to visit more of the UK.
    8. I like to read, listen to the radio, and knit.
    9. I was working in BC — all over — in January. I had my long wool dress coat on. And I arrived in Vancouver to rain, and I had to walk several blocks between my hotel and my workplace each day. I smelled like a damp sheep.
    10. Don’t both of them sound delicious?

  5. 1.I LOVE a rainy day!
    2.I don’t have one.
    3.Camping in a tent (only if it’s really windy, if there is no wind then it wouldn’t be so bad).
    4.Blame it on the Rain.
    5.Make a fort.
    6.Bright ducky yellow of course.
    7.Ethiopia (well it’s supposed to rain alot there in the rainy season).
    8.Read, Play cards, Have a nap
    9.Walking Abby when she was a puppy and she got so scared she took off and hid under a shrub. I had to crawl under to get her and then carry her all the way home. And yes she was just a puppy but she was a big puppy at that time and my arms were quivering by the time we got home.
    10.Mmm let’s go for apple crumble…I’ll bring the tea.

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