Random Tuesday Thoughts

It’s one of those days.

  • It’s a billion degrees with the humidex outside. I await thunderstorms with great anticipation. Although we’ve lived in the Bermuda triangle of weather during the past 5 years or so — weather that is forecast hits everywhere BUT here, passing just north or south or east of us — this year seems to be different. We’ve had big snow and big storms and twisters so far this year. So maybe this summer will be a stormy one. We can hope — it beats the promise of rain that never comes, and seeing my plants and lawn die of drought.
  • I have decreed: Next year, we are finishing our basement, buying a rollaway daybed, and moving into the basement for all of June, July and August. (Maybe.) It’s so nice and COOL down there, and we wouldn’t have to worry about running the A/C as long to cool the rest of the house.
  • My cat has been barfing. Not that this is a serious thing: she barfs a few times a week. Usually it’s because she’s hungry and she either can’t remember where her food is, or she knows where it is but decides “DO NOT WANT” and then goes and drinks water until she barfs. So that’s quite normal, actually. The problem is that she’s been barfing on her blankie, which then has to go in the wash. This causes Yelly McScreamsalot to walk around doing her MADMADMAD thing and shrieking her fool head off because she has no blankie to sleep on. When she’s not yelling because she’s hungry, that is — completely forgetting she just barfed 14 minutes ago. Ah, the joys of senile geriatric cat management.
  • I filled a bird feeder with seed. The birds are happy. The squirrels are happy. The lemon thyme below the feeder? Not quite so happy. BDH? Will not be quite so happy when he sees the condition of said lemon thyme.
  • We have been watching a lot of streaming TV. Specifically The Tudors, Season 4 of Doctor Who, and Mythbusters. Good doG, how I love the Internets.
  • 6 or so years ago, we planted a honeysuckle vine at our back fence. The intent was for it to grow and cover the back fence, hiding a bit of the weediness of the conservation area and attracting butterflies and hummingbirds. We planted it, we put a trellis in for it to start on, and we walked away. The thing took off like a shot, growing up and all over the trellis, and blooming and thriving. But no matter what we did, it would not crawl along the fence. I have each year fed new runners through the fence and not one has ever grown along the fence. So, this morning I went out and checked on some of the vines I had thread through over the past few weeks. Sometime during the past few days, each one has been almost surgically been snipped off, right at the fence. And then I realized: there are no vines within about 5 feet of the ground, on the other side of the fence. It seems certain wildlife, who shall remain nameless (*ahem* DEER *ahem*) have been partaking of my honeysuckle as a tasty snack, walking along and… NOMNOMNOMNOM… there goes my honeysuckle. Oh well, at least they’re doing it while I am not looking — unlike Charleston, who stands there and shamelessly noms all my daisies RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, with a “WHAT??” look on his face.
  • I was going to buy some clearance items at Victoria’s Secret today. But I realized we haven’t got a lot of spare cash, and I need a clothesline more. Good grief, I am becoming a MOM.

And, on a serious note:

  • Some loved ones have received some terrible news and are currently coping with a heartrending situation at a hospital down East. We think good thoughts and say our prayers for them, but it’s one of those situations where there is nothing we can do to help. It’s a horrible feeling, knowing people you care for are in such pain and you cannot help them. All we can do is hope and pray.

One thought on “Random Tuesday Thoughts

  1. Ya, the cat barfing scenario…I know it well…our cat does after she eats like she hasn’t eaten in a year..and believe me if you saw the size of her you would know that she has eaten….lots….then after the cat barfs the dogs like to eat it…so grosssssss!

    I send my good thoughts and prayers also to you and your loved ones!


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