Slow Boat to Ethiopia

We’ve been slowly preparing for the arrival of our Mystery Baby Girl. It’s too hot and humid to do much that’s not indoors in the air conditioning, and even then, because the temperature is turned up to save some money — HA! Like we’ll ever be able to save money on our hydro bill. That’s some comedy right there. — it’s still fairly warm. So we’re moving slowly.

There are quite a few things left to do, but we’ve been on this Slow Boat to Ethiopia for so long, we know rushing is hardly necessary. We’re just doing a bit here and a bit there, and filling the waiting time up with little tasks. I don’t want to do everything in a big rush and then sit and twiddle my thumbs for the next two months or more. Plus, I like to offer BDH the option of participating, but between work and soccer, his week is busy and the time he is at home he’s not keen on being busy again. So…

I’ve started washing the baby clothes to get ready to put them away, which means the money we’re saving in higher A/C temperatures we’re just using in another way. But it has to be done, and at least it’s indoors. And it’s fun. I can sort through and decide what we’ll use, wash those ones and pack the rest back in a box. I still have to clear stuff out of the baby’s room in order to get in and put all these things away, but I plan on doing that this week. Slowly. So as not to generate too much heat.

I’ve also got to get bedding washed and ready, which is more to add to the laundry pile. And there’s also an overall cleaning of the room, with washing walls and baseboards and vacuuming and shampooing the carpet to be done, which will have to wait for a cooler day. And painting — we have to paint. But that will have to wait, too.

Another more leisurely job has been online shopping. Last week, when I got the Toys Backwards R Us flyer in my inbox, I checked out the clearance section. And because I love me some clearance items, and because we haven’t any toys other than stuffed animals and loveys for Mystery Baby Girl, I ordered a couple of little toys specifically for when we are travelling. A couple of soft rattles, a set of keys, and a couple of other little odds and ends. Things to amuse a little one and that she can gum all over during the long flight home. Small enough to pack, and quiet — two essentials. All cheapcheapcheap, which is the BEST.

After Toys Backwards R Us, I moved on to Chapters, where I started compiling a shopping bag full of books. I want to buy some adoption-specific storybooks to give Mystery Baby Girl for Christmases as we go along, so, since I have some gift cards, I thought I would start looking. We want to encourage reading right from the start, and I want to have a couple of adoption storybooks among the favourites. We already have a couple. And I don’t want to overdo it, because her life isn’t all-about-adoption-all-the-time-on-all-channels, but I hope there will be a couple well-loved ones in the mix of Boynton and Dr. Seuss and other storybooks she likes to read. So one or two from Santa for the next few years should be plenty.

So, bit by bit, as we have time, energy and can afford things, we’re getting there.

There’s lots to do. In time.