Friday Fun: Nice And Easy

Summer is here, and it’s too hot to get too complicated or fancy. Thinking of answers to too many complicated questions is too much work — especially on a nice sunny day when you’d rather be outside! Simple is best in sumer.

So here are some nice and easy questions to start a nice and easy weekend.

  1. What was your best subject in school?
  2. Do you have a good recipe for potato salad? (and if you do… share!)
  3. Are you a lover or a killer of house plants?
  4. What’s something you know now that you wish you knew when you were younger?
  5. What book are you reading right now?
  6. What’s your favourite quick and easy meal?
  7. If you had a spare $100 to give to charity, what charity would you pick?
  8. What are 3 green things you can see right now?
  9. If you could be any animal, which one would you pick?
  10. Where did BDH put his sunglasses?

And now, I am off to get some groceries.

10 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Nice And Easy

  1. 1. English and History
    2. No, but I am looking for one!!!
    3. I love house plants but I kill them…so hubby takes care of them and I admire them 🙂
    4. What’s something you know now that you wish you knew when you were younger?
    5. I just finished “Pillars of the Earth” by Ken Follett and it was amazing. Now I need something else..any recommendations?
    6. Soft Tacos – chicken or beef!
    7. Kiva – it is a micro loan organization that helps people expand their businesses in other countries – check it out
    8. The backlight on my office phone, my world map, a book
    9. Definitely a CAT!!!
    10. On the top of his head..I do that all the time and then wonder where I left them…Yvan just laughs at me 🙂
    10. Where did BDH put his sunglasses?

  2. Whoops! I forgot #4 – wow…it must be Friday :0

    4. I wish I knew that as a Canadian citizen I could have gone to Australia and worked for a year on a work visa!

  3. 1. Duh………. Home Ed.
    2. I just cook potatoes, chop onion and add miracle whip and my secret is coleslaw dressing. It adds some zing.
    3. I’m a killer.
    4. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
    5. I just finished “Pillars of the Earth” by Ken Follett and I agree it was an awesome book. We have picked up some books by new authors and I can’t remember.
    6. Steak, baked potatoes and ceaser salad. Dad cooks and I get the salad ready.
    7. That’s a tough one.I guess it would be to third world relief.
    8. Trees, lawn chair and book covers.
    9. How about a monkey. They could still swing a golf club couldn’t they?
    10. On the sun visor in the car.

  4. 1)Social Studies and English
    2)nope, I am looking as well!
    3) Killer
    4) similar to Rana the ancestory visa I would have qualified to work in the UK for a year as my grandmother was a War bride
    5) My Mothers lovers – Set in Africa
    6)Steak and Salad
    8) Magnets, t-shirt, Desk calendar
    9)Panda – so cute and rolly poly
    10)On top of the tv

  5. I thought I would let “Rana” know that I also read Ken Follett’s “World Without End” the second book about similar times. A most enjoyable book if you liked the first one.

  6. 1. I don’t know that I had a “best subject”. I liked history and geography but I also liked english. I enjoyed studying religion and art.
    2. I don’t really but I love the potato salad at Marilu’s. They put dill and egg and peas in it. Does that help?
    3. Probably more of a killer.
    4. That education really is important and that you should do as much as you can when you are young.
    5. I am kind of in between books – I have to go to the library but I’m scared! I owe some money because I didn’t take my books back on time.
    6. Sounds bad but this week for dinner I have had just asparagus with feta cheese and tomato with a fresh bun. I guess that’s not really a good dinner but it was fast and easy!
    7. There are so many but I think that I would still give to the Cancer society. Did I tell you that I finally signed up for World Vision?
    8. My calendar, curtains and window frame.
    9. I have always loved lions or tigers but I am not sure if I want to be one. Maybe I would like to be my dog Darby because I think she has a great life with owners who love her.
    10. He left them inside the hood of his car when he put in the windshield wiper fluid. Too bad because they were nice.

  7. Thanks Carole! I will check out the book recommendation of “World Without End”!!!

  8. My turn:

    1. I always found languages very easy, so French was my best subject, and then English and German were close behind.
    2. I use my mom’s recipe: boil potatoes with the skin on, peel the skins off as the potatoes cool, and then cube them. Mix up a bowl of mayo, mustard, pickle juice (dill is best), and chopped pickles (again, dill) and chives, and pour it over the potatoes. Add as much or as little of the sauce as you like. Slice boiled eggs and lay them on top. Sprinkle with paprika. Refrigerate for several hours.
    3. I love them. But unless they thrive on neglect, I kill them.
    4. “You will regret not going after it.”
    5. A biography of Julie Andrews. It’s quite good.
    6. Grilled cheese sandwiches. Or pesto and chicken pasta.
    7. I go in for the animal welfare stuff. These days, I am all about the donkeys, so the Donkey Sanctuary would be right up there. Of course, our local Humane Society is awesome, as is the local Greyhound rescue and adoption charity.
    8. My garden. Toys I bought for Mystery Baby Girl. Living room wall. Fake plants. Real plants. What can I say? Green is my favourite colour.
    9. Totally a cat. Preferably the shorthaired domestic house diva. Although I am quite partial to ducks these days as well, because a swim would be nice.
    10. I suspect they are now ground into the dirt at a rural fairground, but what do I know?

  9. Ok, so now that I have come out of the closet, so to speak, I had to come back to this post of yours and share the best ever potato salad recipe (I didn’t think potato salad was the best way to introduce myself!). But seriously, this salad is fantastic…
    – medium pot of potatoes, cooked and cooled (I like to use new potatoes and keep the skins on)
    – 4 hard boiled eggs (sliced or chopped) – I always use more eggs, but that’s personal preference
    – 3-4 stalks of celery, shopped
    – 6-8 radishes, chopped
    – 2-4 green onions, chopped
    – 1/2 cucumber, chopped
    – cherry tomatoes (number to your preference, I usually use one of those little plastic “boxes”)
    – 1 can cocktail shrimp, drained and rinsed
    – 1/2 – 1 cup mayo (I use miracle whip light)
    – 3-4 tbsp vinegar
    – 1/2 tsp each salt and pepper
    – 1/2 tsp celery salt
    – 1/2 tsp Mrs. Dash original seasoning
    – 1/2 tsp dry mustard

    1. Put all veggies and potatoes in a large bowl, mix.
    2. One hour before serving mix sauce and add to veggies. Mix. Add shrimp, mix and keep refrigerated.

    This is good for a day or two, but not much after that. Enjoy!

  10. Oh my Andrea… that sounds fab! I’m going to have to try this! We have potatoes growing like mad in the garden right now… a perfect recipe to use them in, I think!


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