Learning, Not In Any Book

There are things I am learning and things I still need to know about parenting, and most of it is not to be found in those baby books that everyone reads (and is often terrified by). I get a lot of information from friends, neighbours or experience with kids I know. But some… well, I haven’t got it yet. I just hope it comes soon.

  • I have no idea what to feed my child when I bring her home. I hope somebody tells me.
  • Explosive diarrhea (a.k.a. “bumsplodin”) is going to happen. Don’t kid yourself.
  • Soothers are made for parents, not babies. Because it works like a plug and keeps the baby yelly noises in, thereby helping keep parents calm. (So I bought, like, EIGHT of them.)
  • Embrace the random.
  • Kids will pee on the pool deck at swimming lessons. No amount of rubber pants is going to help.
  • All kids hate all foods — except for, say, 3 completely unrelated things, like cheese and french fries and lettuce — between the ages of 2.5 and 4. Psychological tactics don’t work, bargaining doesn’t work, punishment doesn’t work. However, kids can survive quite happily on those 3 foods, so just stock up and ride it out.
  • Do I really NEED baby laundry detergent?
  • It doesn’t matter how clean you keep your house, babies learning to crawl will find and eat whatever specks and schmutz you have on your floor.
  • If you buy the toys that make the noise, you have nobody to blame but yourself.
  • I need to make a list of medicines and what they are used for, and stock up. I have nothing right now.
  • Talk TO kids, not AT them, and actually LISTEN to what they say. Their language development will be huge, and they actually behave better because they LIKE to be listened to, and they ENJOY participating in conversations.
  • If you’re going to hand out punishments to a misbehaving child, make them things that work for YOU. For example, if you ground a child or take away TV privileges for a week, then you’ve just got a crabby child that YOU have to deal with all week long. But if you make him clean up the dog poop in the yard all week, or pull weeds… then voila! They are punished, and YOU get something done.

4 thoughts on “Learning, Not In Any Book

  1. Hey, don’t let those “How To Do ” books get in the way of just doing what seems right at the time.
    We all ” fly by the seat of our pants” when it comes to raising children.
    I had no books but just doing what seemed reasonable at the time seemed to work just fine.
    As for food the adoption home should let you know what she is eating before you leave for home if not your own doctor will help with that.
    Explosive diarrhea . Keep lots of clothes pin handy and use them often. Also lots of wipes are helpful. I used to hate soothers but with my last child who had several ruptures because he cried very hard, they were a blessing. Don’t sweat it he wasn’t using it when he went to school.
    Pee on the deck.Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. That will happen as well. That is why we who have pools use super chlorinating agents once a week.
    The rest will come naturally. Don’t let the unknown get in the way of enjoying the new born babe. Children are not as delicate as we think they are. Although we naturally think they will have a melt down if everything is not just right.
    I think things will just fall into place when you get her home. It sounds like you have a handle on things so relax.

  2. I agree with Mom, just go with the flow. For my first I read everything I could, which she continued to just prove wrong anyway. My second, I can just write a whole new book as I go along. “The World According to Madd Dawn….Just Follow My Lead Because I’m Going To Do It My Own Self My Own Way Anyways.” So, I just learn to take one day at a time. If nothing else, kids teach you patience and that whatever you think you know, you don’t. You have a good handle on things.Your punishment take on things is great, I am still learning this as I go along. No TV is not always a blessing. Hey, just wing it like the rest of us and don’t miss the small things, they are the things that you will remember.

  3. When you figure out what to feed you wee one..can you let me know!!!

    Please, please, please post all your findings after you bring Mystery Baby home so I can learn from you 😉


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