Ummm… Never Mind.

I was all set to come in here today and write about my day yesterday.

I was at a Canada Day volleyball tournament yesterday, playing some recreational ball in the sun with friends. It was a lovely day. And I watched a young woman I used to coach when she first started out, and she’s grown into a very poised, very talented athlete. And I started feeling my age, with torn-up painful knees, and I thought, “I remember when I used to be that good.”

So today, I was feeling like writing one of those oh-to-be-young-again, missing-who-I-used-to-be, growing-old, contemplative, blah-de-blah-blahing kind of posts.

And then I read this article about a woman who will be competing, and perhaps medalling, in swimming at the Beijing Olympics. And she’s 41 YEARS OLD.

Dude. LOOK at the woman. Look what she is doing AT MY AGE.

Granted, she’s spending, what, 100K a year with a staff whipping her into shape. (I mean, if I had 100K, I could be awesome fit too. I could kick some butt my own self.) And we won’t analyze the divorces and time spent away from current husband and kid.

But on the surface of it, she’s 41 years old and she’s fit and she’s worked her can off to get back into shape. And she’s competing with the young kids.

And after reading that?

She TOTALLY made me look like a big ol’ whiny crybaby butthead. Who needs to get in shape.

So… yeah. Never mind.

4 thoughts on “Ummm… Never Mind.

  1. I think the key word here they mention in the article is “obsessive.” No thanks. All those surgeries, yuck. Yes, I agree I need to get fit and healthy, but at my age I think I deserve to at least look like a woman with some soft, rounded curves, not have a “teenage boy’s body.” Fit and healthy..I’m all for it. Oh, and by the way, I do totally respect the fact she is whupping some very youn butt, that is very, very cool.

    Another athlete I truly respect is Laura Wilkinson, she is 30 and leading the US women’s olympic diving team once again. No only has she been whuppin’ much younger butts for many years but she is a very strong mentor and friend to them as well and fosters a supportive, warm environement for practices.

    Wow, look at me being motor mouth this morning. Must have to do with the jealousy of those abs.

  2. Yeah, I would agree, the woman is totally obsessive. Which is not healthy. Even if your body looks crazy fit.

    I’m more into the ooh-I-want-to-look-crazy-fit can-I-do-it-while-sitting-down-and-maybe-having-a-tasty-beverage possibly-a-dish-of-something-chocolate school of fitness, myself. Which explains a LOT.

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