Friday Fun: Assortment

As you saw in yesterday’s post, I am up to my whatsis in baby clothes today, and having a marvellous time. And as I try to organize things, I realize: I’ve got quite an assortment of things. So organizing is a challenge: Size or weight? Type of clothes or size of clothes? Winter or summer? Need it or got it?

And because of that, today’s Friday Fun is — just like my big pile o’ clothes — an assortment of things. Because sometimes it’s fun to just have a bunch of different things. Variety is the spice of life and all that.


  1. Massage or facial?
  2. In a vase: gerbera daisies or lilies?
  3. Omelette or quiche?
  4. To visit: Argentina or Iceland?
  5. Sunrise or sunset?
  6. On french fries: vinegar or ketchup?
  7. Volcano or earthquake?
  8. A new language to learn: Spanish or Mandarin?
  9. Muffins or donuts?
  10. My bathing suit: flattering, or time to buy another one?

Well now. If you’ll excuse me, I have some ooohing and aaahing to do. πŸ˜€

9 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Assortment

  1. 1. Massage – I’m overdue!
    2. Gerbera daisies all the way
    3. Quiche – preferably with feta cheese & black olives somewhere in there.
    4. Argentina or Iceland? 50/50 on that one.
    5. Sunset – I’m not a morning person. Yet.
    6. Oh, malt vinegar!
    7. Volcano – maybe I have a chance to outrun it?
    8. Ola! Spanish.
    9. Muffins, I s’pose.
    10. Your suit is still flattering but it’s always time for a new one if you can face the mirror πŸ™‚

  2. 1. Massage- aaaaaah!
    2.Gerbera daisies
    3. Quiche with ricotta cheese, spinach and sundried tomatoes
    4. To visit: Argentina or Iceland – would like to visit both!!!
    5. Sunset – on a beach with a cocktail
    6. Ketchup – and if in quebec cheese curd and gravy!
    7. Volcano
    8. Spanish Senorita!
    9. My homemade raisin bran Muffins
    10. Looks good from here but Hazel is right – a new one is always nice πŸ™‚


  3. 1. Massage
    2. Gerbera daisied…they are my fave and my wedding bouquet was filled with them.
    3. Quiche…yummmm!
    4. Unlike Haze and Rana, I will give you an actual answer (don’t they realize they HAVE to pick one or the other, sheesh)…Argentina
    5. Sunset
    6. Vinegar… totally soaked and dripping in vinegar!
    7. Earthquake
    8. Spanish….there are some Spanish speaking people I work with and they are teaching me a bit and it’s really not that hard….plus I love how it sounds.
    9. Donuts are a nice treat!
    10. Well of course you look hot in the one you have right now but it’s always good to have a little variety.

  4. 1. Massage
    2. Gerbera daisies
    3. Omelette
    4. Argentina
    5. Sunset. Glass of wine , peace and hopefully quiet time.
    6. Ketchup
    7. Volcano
    8. Spanish
    9. Low fat muffins from Timmies.
    10. Sometimes you have to face the mirror and at least try on a new swimsuit. I did that in March so I don’t have to face the mirror for a while longer. Bite the bullet and go for it. Like the song “It only hurts for a little while.”

  5. 1)Massage
    2)Gerbera daisies
    4)Argentina – but it was a hard choice!
    5)Sunset with a margarita please
    6)Malt vinegar
    8)Spanish so I can talk more to my dayhome provider
    9)Muffins homemade banana chocolate chip
    10)Fabulously flattering, but like the rest of them said, always nice to have a new one!

  6. 1. I say both!
    2. Lilies
    3. Omelette
    4. Argentina
    5. Sunset
    6. Ketchup
    7. Volcano
    8. Spanish
    9. Muffins
    10. It is flattering but there is that sale going on….

  7. 1. Massage
    2. gerbera daisies
    3. Omelette
    4. Argentina
    5. sunset on a beach
    6. How about mayo?
    7. Volcano, it makes for prettier pictures
    8. Spanish, don’t they speak that in Argentina?
    9. donuts
    10. Always go for a new one! Just not white. Never white for a bathing suit….never….no matter how good it looks in the store.

  8. Alrighty. Let’s see…
    1. Massage, for sure. I have a bad back so, hey, a massage is always welcome. Plus facials really do nothing except make my face break out.
    2. I think I’ll go with gerbera daisies.
    3. Hmmm. That is a tough call. I think I have to go with a nice mushroom and cheese omelette today.
    4. Totally interested in Iceland these days. I blame the volcanoes.
    5. Sunset. I refuse to accept sunrise is an actual time of day when people should be up.
    6. Totally vinegar… with lots of salt!
    7. Volcano. I’ve experienced both and I prefer volcanoes. Earthquakes are just not cool. Volcanoes are INTENSELY cool, man.
    8. Spanish. I’m all about the romance languages. And Mandarin, while cool, is I think too complicated for me.
    9. Muffins. Donuts are not good for me, right? But I could murder a good cruller, I tell you what.
    10. Sadly, our banking is in desperate state these days, so flattering or not, I’m going to have to stick with my current suit.

  9. 1. Massage please.
    2. Lillies.
    3. Omelette, ham, red onion, cheese, mushroom, and tomato please.
    4. Argentina.
    5. Sunset, I am usually up to see the sunrise every day but the sunset is the time to unwind and relax.
    6. Ketchup, but I think I will try the malt vinegar for a change, it sounds really good.
    7. Volcano. I have been through the Hawaii National Volcano Park and, as part of a tour, walked on top of an actual volcano crust that sputtered and spewed sulfer everywhere. And man, was it hot on the feet, our sneaker soles were very soft and squishy for quite some time but what a rush, and walking through a lava tube is beyond cool. Shortly after we were there the volcano we walked on became active again and erupted. So cool. It is also interesting to see the way the lava flows cover over the roadways and they have to rebuild all the time.
    8. Spanish.
    9. Muffins.
    10. I think maybe you have made the right decision to stay with your current suit, leaves more money for cute little swim suits for Mystery Baby Girl. You can always put on a t-shirt overtop if it is wearing thin.

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