Watch This. Trust Me. And Smile.

Seriously. Stop what you’re doing. Follow the instructions to get the high-quality version. Turn up your speakers. And enjoy.

It’s a great, goofy video, absolutely charming, but it also contains (as one article put it) “moments of grace” that will make you tear up. But no matter what, you’ll find yourself with a big grin on your face by the end.

For a high-quality version — and it’s TOTALLY worth it — click on the video once it gets going and go to the YouTube site and choose “watch in higher quality”. Or, you can go to (but it’s slow right now).

8 thoughts on “Watch This. Trust Me. And Smile.

  1. Isn’t it awesome? I don’t know what it is about it — the music, the people all dancing like crazy — but it makes me feel… good. I like that it kind of shows that despite where we come from, we’re all essentially the same.

  2. That is one of the best videos I’ve ever seen! Some parts I was laughing and other parts I was crying, lol.

  3. Welcome back busy Barb!

    And Ricki, I was totally the same — there were just some places that got to me. And I have watched it, like, A HUNDRED TIMES since the start of the week, and every time I see something different, or I notice someone different.

    The kids just crack me up! I like to watch the kids, because they’re having so much fun! And I think the song is absolutely gorgeous. I hope it’s available online, because I’d totally buy it.

  4. I love it – I think it speaks to something joyous and simple in each of us. I’m going to go show it to the hubbie now……


  5. the Dancing 2006 one is my all time favourite… for the animal cameos, the dancing kids in Rwanda, and the highest number of places I’ve actually been. (Oh, Namibia….)

    There’s a ‘buy the music’ link on his main page…

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