Friday Fun: Stuff and Things

It’s been a rainy, cool week. I am not complaining, I’m just saying. And I actually don’t mind the rain because people stay indoors and it’s nice and quiet in our neighbourhood. And when it’s nice and quiet, I enjoy just sitting and relaxing and letting my mind wander a bit. Not worry about things, or plan things, or organize things, or anything like that — just some quiet time to relax and daydream. Or whatever.

So today’s Fun is all sort of random, and relaxed, and a bit of this and that. Some stuff, and some things.

Tell me:

  1. … the last thing you bought at a hardware store
  2. … the best colour for a balloon
  3. … something you’d like to buy, if you had the money
  4. … a good name for a guinea pig
  5. … something little that annoys you big time
  6. … your favourite quiet place
  7. … a song that gets stuck in your head and you can’t get it out (or, as some people call it, an “earworm”)
  8. … your favourite game to play
  9. … what’s in the cupboard or drawer beside your kitchen sink
  10. … what would be on a really good pizza
  11. … two yellow things in your house
  12. … three things I should make with this block of cheddar I have

And so now, I’m off to do… stuff. Maybe garden. Maybe bake something. Hard to say, really.

I’ll post my answers… later.

6 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Stuff and Things

  1. 1. Grass seed
    2. Purple
    3. New house
    4. Porky
    5. bugs
    6. Bathtub
    7. Any man of mine
    8. Hockey
    9. Cutting boards
    10. Hot italian sausage
    12. My hallway and bananas
    13. Grilled cheese sandwich, scrambled eggs, cheese and apple slices

  2. 1. Bathmat, long handled silicone bbq brush, and 2 saw horses for hubby for father’s day.
    2. Red.
    3. Ride on mower or pop up tent trailer.
    4. Ms. Piggy.
    5. No one apparently except me knows how to change the toilet roll when it is empty.
    6. My Gazebo on my swinging chair.
    7. Lately, the Barney Song.
    8. Washers.
    9. Utensils in the drawer, S&P and coffee fixins in the cupboard.
    10. veggies.
    11. My office/playroom walls, toy bin.
    12. A nice cheese sauce for some veggies, cheesy dill biscuits, and an omlet with lots of ooey, gooey cheese inside.

  3. 1. Fence stain
    2. Red
    3. Travel trailer
    4. Henry
    5. People who take more than 2 parking spot because they think their car is too nice and don’t want it dented… drives me wild
    6. My deck under the umbrella…
    7. Dora theme song… I live with a 4 year old
    8. Soccer
    9. Cooking Utensils
    10. Aged cheddar cheese, tomatoes basil
    11. My walls, bathroom towels
    12. Nachos, nachos & nachos – I have a craving apparently!!

  4. 1. Hmmmmmm..I don’t go to the hardware store
    2. Red
    3. A new bike with a basket on the front
    4. Hank – but I like the name Hank for all animals.
    5. People who walk side by side in Costco with shopping carts chatting like it is a coffe shop – move it people!!!
    6. A book store
    7. Coldplay’s new song – Viva La Vida – oh wait that is my husband singing that song all day long – sheesh – enough already!
    8. A game of frisbee or Disc if you are hardcore
    9. Dishtowels and Ikea cork pot holders
    10. Pesto, shrimp, sundried tomatoes – yummy
    11. My two lovely cats have yellow-green eyes
    12. Nachos, Cheese Pizza or Cheese, crackers and vino!

  5. Okay, now that I’ve had some coffee and am somewhat lucid, it’s my turn!

    1. Fire escape ladders for our homestudy.
    2. I think balloons are best in metallic colours. And I think purple is best, despite what Nena and the ’80s have to say about it.
    3. A deck on the back of our house would be nice. And a finished basement. Also? Fixing the A/C in my car would be good.
    4. Well I recently heard of a guinea pig named Batman. I thought that was nice. But I prefer something with a little more dignity, like Julian or Wallace or Melvin.
    5. Whiskers on the bathroom vanity and around the sink. BLEUCH.
    6. There’s a Zen garden in Kyoto that I used to love to visit when I needed a quiet place. But I also love to sit on the deck at the cottage on a September weekday morning after everyone has gone home to go back to work or school or whatever.
    7. Lately it’s been “Stand Down Margaret” by The English Beat that’s been stuck in my head. There’s much worse than that, though, so I can’t complain.
    8. Volleyball. Duh.
    9. All my baking odds and ends — hand mixers, pastry blender, attachments for my mixer — are in the drawer. And the cupboard is my lazy susan full of food.
    10. I’d like tomatoes, spicy Italian sausage, basil and mushrooms. Or chicken, basil, and feta. It’s a toss up.
    11. My kitchen walls, and some measuring cups. We don’t have a lot of yellow, actually.
    12. I have no idea what to do with that cheese. But it’s medium cheddar, if that’s any help.

  6. 1. sunflower seeds
    2. blue
    3. house
    4. Ulysses
    5. people who talk through movies
    6. Formerly, my garden. Then the kids next door got skateboards.
    7. Alabama Song
    8. Zuma. It’s an addiction.
    9. Dish towels in the drawer. Glasses above, pots below.
    10. Black olives, halloum cheese, roasted garlic, red pepper.
    11. My studio walls. Depictions of lemons. Don’t ask.
    12. Pyroghy. My version of Mac & cheese. Put it on the portable cheese board that my spouse just brought home and add some green grapes and oat biscuits.

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