Over Budget

Okay, so maybe I went a little over budget at grocery shopping last week. Just a little.

Canadian baby
(click to embiggen)

Well, who could resist? They were on sale at the grocery store for $5 apiece. And they’re “joe” clothes. I love the “joe” stuff.

My fave is the red onesie with the Canadian baby bottle on it. Although the rattle is cute too. BDH is partial to the “i heart canada” ones.

So now we have something to put Mystery Baby Girl in when we are in Addis. Baby’s first photo op!

(And for a few years after, too — I bought about 10 onesies and/or t-shirts, all the way up to size 3.)

5 thoughts on “Over Budget

  1. I love them!!! I may have to be a giant copy cat and go shopping for “JOE” stuff on my lunch hour… I think my favourite is the polar bear one

  2. Did you say sale? and $5? I better hit Superstore today and snap me up some of those cute little Canadian t-shirts 🙂

    Nice work Cinn!

  3. I love it! “Joe” clothing is awesome…unfortunately the closest place for me to buy joe stuff is 2 hours away…grrrr.

  4. They are super cute. And just think – she’ll have a new Tshirt for the next 6 Canada Days!

    ha ha

    Actually, it’ll be great if you can send one off to her in a package if you catch anyone going to the Transition Home…

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