Friday Fun: Tasty!

Dude. I am SO HUNGRY. All I can think about is eating something. Probably baked. I am in the mood for tasty baked goodness.

This is what happens when I have to go grocery shopping and start making lists. So many things I want to cook, bake, or eat… and so little money! But it’s nice to dream, isn’t it? Especially in the spring and summer, when people start to get their barbeques going and grill things… and the smell of barbequed goodness wafts all over the neighbourhood in the evening… mmmmm, I am getting hungrier just thinking about it! (And we don’t even have a barbeque!)

So let’s do a Friday Fun about tasty stuff!

  1. Lemon or lime?
  2. What’s your all-time favourite food?
  3. Sweet and sour, barbeque or honey mustard?
  4. Corn on the cob or potato salad?
  5. What’s the best ice cream flavour you’ve ever tried?
  6. Sausages, hamburgers or hot dogs?
  7. What’s your favourite “foreign” food… or maybe, what foreign cuisine do you like best?
  8. Have you ever had grilled fruit?
  9. What condiments do you have in your fridge?
  10. Pick your pasta: long noodles, tubes or shapes?
  11. What’s your favourite meal of the day: Breakfast, lunch or dinner?
  12. Country market or grocery store?

And now, it’s grocery shopping day!

5 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Tasty!

  1. 1. Lime, lime, lime!
    2. oh boy – there are so many – grilled cheese w/ tomato soup – ah comfort!
    3. Honey mustard
    4. Potato salad all the way
    5. Vanilla – is the best
    6. Hamburgers
    7. Thai food – oh my GAWD I had the best food ever in Thailand, I would move to Thailand for the food alone..not to mention the beaches..and the shopping..and the..oh sorry I am getting carried away…and then it would be Ethiopian
    8. Yes! grilled pineaplle – yummy
    9. Way too many to list
    10. Long noodles – whole wheat if possible
    11. I like all three1!!
    12. Country market

  2. Hello CinnamonOpus.I know you have no idea who I am ,but from reading your blog I have found out a whole lot more about you.I am BDH’s,cousins’, wife(got that?)We have never met but since the news of your upcoming adoption I have been reading your blog often.We have heard about you from BDH’s mom,and I often ask how you two are doing.I too am very excited for you to have a new addition to your family,and I can’t wait to hear when the big day will come.Say HI to BDH for us.Mel

  3. Hey Mel! Welcome! Great to “meet” you. Thanks for the nice comments! Hope you’ll hang out here with us, and now that you’ve commented once already… I am expecting some answers to the Friday Fun quiz…! 🙂

  4. It’s so QUIET in here this weekend! Hopefully everyone is getting good weather and is outside enjoying it!

    My turn:
    1. I’m with Rana: lime, lime, lime! I love lime. Candy, sorbet, whatever!
    2. Ice cream. Hands down. I loves me some good ice cream.
    3. Hm. That’s a tough call. I’m not really a fan of any of them. I guess since I have to choose I’ll pick… honey mustard.
    4. Potato salad.
    5. Oh, my… The best? Hmmmm… I guess a scoop of French vanilla paired with a scoop of Haagen Dazs triple chocolate. YUM.
    6. I love a good hamburger, don’t get me wrong. But I’d have to go with a grilled sausage with mustard and sauerkraut.
    7. Definitely Japanese food. I yearn for a good okonomiyaki. And really fresh tuna sushi is to die for.
    8. No! But I want to try! I’ve heard such good things about grilled peaches and grilled pineapple.
    9. My husband is the King of Condiments, particularly katchup, so we have more condiments than should be allowed by law. Ketc hup, bbq sauces, various mustards, mayo, relish, Japanese soy sauce, pickles or various shapes and sizes (including pickled hot peppers)…
    10. I think if I am going to choose, it’s going to be shapes. I think my fave is radiatore.
    11. I love breakfast. I love all-day breakfast. What this town needs is a good all-day breakfast place. Something that serves only breakfast. But they, you wouldn’t be able to get near the place.
    12. Country market. Dude — we’re surrounded by farms and Mennonites here. You have to ask?

  5. 1. I like lime in my beer and my gin!
    2. My mom’s spare ribs
    3. Sweet and sour – just because it describes me!
    4. Corn on the cob
    5. Home made ice cream that my mom made at my grandparents farm. Fresh from the cow!
    6. Sausages
    7. Italian is my favourite type of food.
    8. Yes – grilled grapefruit with a bit of maple syrop is wonderful!
    9. Ketchup, mustard, relish, mayo.
    10. long noodles
    11. I like dinner
    12. Country market

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