In the Garden

The rain has stopped, and the humidity has broken… so it’s a good day to get out in the garden!

Okay, so the mosquitoes are pretty bad. And my arms are breaking out in hives because I am allergic to grass and other such greenery, which — if you are going to pull weeds — you have to get up to your elbows in. And I am really feeling my hamstrings right now from bending over.

But still… gardening!

There’s a bit of a break in the rain and the humidity today, so I am taking the opportunity while the ground is soft to yank out a bunch of weeds. Then, if I am feeling organized and ambitious, I am putting in some of my vegetable garden: tomatoes, basil, a single butternut squash plant, and potatoes. That’s all I was able to grow from seed.

After that, I can start finding places to put my flowers. I have some poppies and blanketflowers, both perennials, that will go in along the back fence where it’s hot and weedy. Some gerbera daisies I am not sure what to do with yet, but I’ll think about it. And then there are a bunch of various annuals that I grew from seed that I’ll have to use to fill in the blanks. And I want to toss in a bunch of flax seeds and get a mess of flax somewhere — I just don’t know where yet.

I had to grow most of my plants from seed this year, because we’re watching our expenses, and gardening can be pricey. So a bunch of the seeds I started way back in the winter are ready to go in. But there are a few things I still must buy, because the seeds didn’t work out. I have to go to the local nursery and buy some green onions for the garden, and maybe something else too… Peppers perhaps? I have such terrible luck with peppers. And I want to get some portulaca for the front garden, because it’s hardy but so cheerful.

So I’ll put some peanuts out for the birds, spray on a bunch more bug spray, and if anyone needs me, I’ll be the one in the shabby shorts and t-shirt, feet in crocs but still covered in dirt, moaning and groaning… and having a nice time.

And next year at this time… we’ll have to find a spot for Mystery Baby Girl to dig in the dirt. I already bought her some little tools. 🙂

One thought on “In the Garden

  1. A day of digging in the dirt – delightful!

    Glad to see you have some tools for your little girl, too. I’ll have to add gardening tols to the list. Little kids love to help, and the garden is such a wonderful, educational place for them to spend time.

    Hoping to get out and plant some more roses this afternoon –

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