A Day With Donkeys

Donkey Day at the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada was yesterday… and it was awesome! Despite the extreme heat and humidity, we had a marvelous afternoon. So many sweet donkeys, so little time to pet them all!

It was so lovely to see these gentle creatures, many abused and mistreated in their lives, so eager for some love. They’re so happy and contented in their new lives, with big paddocks to roam in and people to care for them. And on visitors’ days, there are lots of people to pet and brush them! They just come over to the fence, and stand there as happy as can be, basking in Teh Love of their adoring public!

I could have spent all day, just snuggling up to all these donkeys, brushing them and giving them pets… But it was a billion degrees out, and BDH was suffering some severe sunburn from a morning of soccer, so we kept it to a couple of hours. Still, it was great to get our donkey fix!

I can’t wait to go visit again. Perhaps on a cooler day. I would love to volunteer. And now that I have been to the Sanctuary and visited with some of the donkeys, I hope we can find a little money sometime in the future to contribute to their care. It’s a worthy cause — I definitely saw that for myself. The people that work there really love each of the donkeys and take wonderful care of them.

And now, the donkeys… Well, some of them. We just took so many pictures! You can also check out the “Our Donkeys” page at the Donkey Sanctuary to read each donkey’s story and see more pictures of the donkeys.

Hover over each picture for a description, and click on each to see a larger picture:

Basking in the sun Anyone got any carrots? Chiclet

Contentment A lovely day for a dirt bath Another dirt bath

My buddy Donkeschoen Donkey day More donkey day

Pals Pretty girl Braying to friends

Beautiful old Summer Sweet little face Miss Dusty Rose

5 thoughts on “A Day With Donkeys

  1. It was absolutely a great day! They are such gentle and expressive creatures. It was amazing to see how they would come up to the fence for pets. The staff have done a great job in socializing them.

    We will definitely be going back to see them again.

  2. OH I just want to snuggle kiss the one with the caption “sweet little face”. They are all so cute…sounds like a great way to spend the day!

  3. I know… could you not just snuggle them all to bits? I would love to volunteer, just to go and brush them and pet them and give them a little love. They’re just so beautiful and docile and sweet. I cannot imagine for the life of me how someone could ever abuse or neglect these gorgeous creatures.

    I’m trying to figure out who that adorable little face is. The teardrop on her face just totally won me over! I think her name is Little Britches.

    I love Summer, too… she’s 39 years old, and just a lovely, beautiful old girl. I was petting her for a long time, and she was blissed out, standing there dozing off under a tree. And The big grey donkey, Donkeschoen… I brushed her for a long time. I thought we were pals! I thought we had a bond! And then I saw her, just moving along the fence line, getting Teh Love from EVERYBODY! Oh, I felt so cast aside! But, one must understand, she has her public to think of…

    And there was another one I didn’t get to meet, named Lady, who tried to bust outta the joint that day while we were there. She was so funny! They were taking her into the barn and she busted out and ran back out again. “My public! I must see them!” But they caught up to her pretty quick, the little saucepot. She was a cutie, too.

    Oh, they were all so lovely! I hope we can go back and visit again this summer.

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