Friday Fun: Beating the Heat

It’s going to be hotter than the devil’s arsecrack around here this weekend. Seriously hot. Hotter than a hot thing that is hot. It’s going to hit a humidex over 40 this weekend. So yesterday, we turned on the A/C for the first time this year, and we’re going to do as little as possible outside. Well, between going to a barbeque on one day and going to Donkey Day on another… maybe not so much. But at least we can escape to the air conditioning when we start to melt.

So our Friday Fun involves beating the heat. And they’re easy, so you don’t have to move too much. Just a little bit to type is all.

  1. Mojitos or margaritas?
  2. Swimming pool or seaside?
  3. Beach Boys or Spice Girls?
  4. Popsicles or ice cream?
  5. Sunscreen or shade?
  6. Running through the sprinkler or flopping down on a slip ‘n’ slide?
  7. Flip flops or Crocs?
  8. Cold fried chicken or cold cut sandwiches?
  9. Hunky Pool boy or hunky slave boy with a big palm frond fan?
  10. Shuffleboard or beach volleyball?
  11. My bucket hat or my big golf umbrella?

SPECIAL BONUS QUESTION: What do you do to keep cool when Mother Nature turns up the heat (like a bastard)?

Time for some iced tea. And maybe I’ll go hide in the basement where it’s cool with the cats.

7 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Beating the Heat

  1. WooHoo I made it here first!!

    2.If it’s a nice beach, seaside.
    3.Umm I’m going to say Spice Girls cuz they are more fun to sing and dance to.
    4.Popsicles…grape are my fave!
    5.Sunscreen, I am ALL about roasting in the sun!
    6.Either one sounds like fun but when you get older/bigger flopping down on the ground sounds a little more painful.
    7.Flip flops, I am probably the only person that does not own a pair of crocs.
    9.I’m going to go with slave boy. Pool boys sometimes give me the impression of being a little “fruity” which is great if that’s what makes them happy but I prefer a manly man for myself.
    10.Beach volleyball
    11. Definitely the bucket hat, you’ll want both hands free one for the drink and the other to pet the donkeys.

  2. 1. Margaritas
    2. Seaside – wchich is where I hope to retire
    3. Beach Boys
    4. Ice cream
    5. Sunscreen baby – I like it in the sun 🙂
    6. Flopping down on a slip ‘n’ slide – I can’t go bare foot on the grass so sprinklers are out – it is a weird poop in the grass thing – ’cause you never know
    7. Flip flops
    8. Cold fried chicken or cold cut sandwiches – oh do I really have to choose – I think both are lovely
    9. Hunky Pool boy
    10. Beach volleyball
    11. definitely the bucket hat and for the reasons Ricki mentioned above.

    SPECIAL BONUS QUESTION: What do you do to keep cool when Mother Nature turns up the heat (like a bastard)?

    – I like to sit in a pool or some lake or whatever is closest that has copious amounts of water – last year we got our own little blow up pool for the back yard – it is awesome – now if only we some kids to put in it 🙂

    Have a great weekend!!

  3. 1)Margaritas
    3)Spice Girls – I am a little embarrassed to admit this
    4)Ice cream – mint chocolate chip please
    5)Shade – you should see how pasty I can be all year long!
    6)Running through the sprinkler – I have lost my ability to flop gracefully…
    7)Flip flops –
    8)Cold fried chicken- I prefer it cold
    9)Hunky Pool boy so I can watch him work
    10) Beach volleyball- I am not old enough for shuffleboard, actually I might never be old enough!!
    11) Bucket Hat- I agree with the ladies above

    Special Bonus Question – I am lucky to have a little girl who thinks it is hilarious to spray her mom with the hose…

  4. 1. Margaritas. I do not know what the other drink is. Enlighten me.
    2. Pool side when it is warm enough.
    3. Beach boys.
    4. Ice Cream.
    5. Sunscreen. I love the sun also.
    6. Sprinkler.
    7. Flip Flops.
    8. Cold fried chicken.
    9. Hunky pool boy.
    10. Shuffleboard.
    11. Those big golf umbrellas are so hard to control go for the bucket hat. You might want to add a mosquito net to that if you are going to be out there for a while. We have been using one that our daughter gave us and they work great alto I was told that I would have to cut a hole in the netting for a straw to sip my wine.

  5. Well, it’s too hot to do much else, so I guess it’s my turn:

    1. Margaritas. All the way! I don’t really know what mojitos are either; I just know they’re a girlie drink for the Sex and the City crowd, of which I am not one.
    2. Swimming pool. Seaside involves fish. I don’t swim with fish.
    3. Beach Boys!! I loathe the Spice Girls and everything they are about. Especially the stick insect one.
    4. My love for the ice cream knows no bounds.
    5. It used to be sunscreen (or more specifically lack of sunscreen and a super tan), but now it’s shade. I want my skin to stay healthy and young for as long as possible.
    6. Running through the sprinkler works for me!
    7. I wear my Crocs out in the yard and in the garden all the time. And I can’t stand shoes that put something between my toes.
    8. As a former vegetarian, cold cut sandwiches are the lesser of two evils. No bones or cartilage or other sinewy bits. BLEURGH.
    9. Hunky Pool boy. Because that implies there is a pool to be tended, and I would love a pool today.
    10. Beach volleyball! Although I hate the sand in the bathing suit thing.
    11. Going to have to be the bucket hat. The umbrella would just look dorky.

  6. Mojito’s are quite lovley actually…I am not a rum drinker usually but these are very minty and refreshing on a hot day.

    Here’s a recipe for you:

    3 fresh mint sprigs
    2 tsp sugar
    3 tbsp fresh lime juice
    1 1/2 oz light rum
    club soda

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