Donkey Day!

We’re going to Donkey Day this weekend, at the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada!

This is something we’ve wanted to do for many years now, and we’ve always missed it. But not this year! We are going to go and visit the donkeys, and see how the sanctuary works, and take lots and lots of pictures. If we have fun, we can make it an annual outing… and introduce Mystery Baby Girl to the donkeys!

We’re great animal lovers around here, as I am sure you have guessed. And donkeys are right up there near the top of our list. We used to see donkeys as we’d drive to work, usually supervising a herd of cows. Actually, somebody told me that donkeys make great security guards for herds of cattle against predators. I guess they kick up a fuss and scare off the predators or something, I don’t know. But, as we saw these donkeys in their fields, we began to have a great deal of affection for donkeys.

And then we learned that there was a Donkey Sanctuary, right near where we live. Our car dealership sponsors a donkey, which I admit is one of the reasons why we continue to frequent them. And Donkey Day is an annual event, where people can come and meet the donkeys, and it raises some money for the running of the sanctuary.

Well, we definitely want to meet some donkeys. We don’t have any free cash right now, but if we did, this would be one of the first charities on our list. The price of admission is all we can spare at the moment, but they can have it gladly. And if there were a way we could volunteer, we might do that too.

Donkeys! (And mules too. Mustn’t forget the mules. We love them too.)

ED: No, Mom, they don’t SELL any donkeys here. We won’t be coming home with any donkeys anytime soon.

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