Friday Fun: Girl Stuff

So since we’re doing a lot of running around today, the Fun will have to be a quick one. And what better topic to celebrate this week than girl stuff?

So tell me, which do you prefer:

  1. Barbie or Raggedy Ann?
  2. Sugar cookies or chocolate chip cookies?
  3. Tea parties or mud puddles?
  4. EasyBakeOven or Lego?
  5. Princesses or tomboys?
  6. Braids or ponytails?
  7. Hopscotch or skipping?
  8. Dance party or sing-a-long?
  9. Strawberry or cherry?
  10. Bicycle or roller skates?

And now, we’re off to the agency!

9 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Girl Stuff

  1. Oooh, this one is fun! I love girly things.

    1.Raggedy Ann. I had her before I had a Barbie doll
    2.Sugar cookies go better with tea parties.
    3.Tea parties
    4.EasyBakeOven– I never had one of these, I always had to use the big oven to make enough for the whole family
    5.Princesses all the way
    6.Ponytails. I still can’t braid my own hair.
    7. Hopscotch or skipping? hmmm this is a hard one, I loved to do both
    8. Dance party or sing-a-long? I don’t do either one very well.
    9. Strawberry
    10. Bicycle. It can take you to far off neighbourhoods to explore.

  2. 1. Raggedy Ann – I never had Barbies
    2. Chocolate chip cookies dipped in a cold glass of milk
    3. Mud puddles- I was such a tomboy when I was young
    4. EasyBakeOven – I never had one either – deprived child
    5. Tomboys – I never felt like I fit in with the girlie girls
    6. Ponytails – except not so tight that your head hurts
    7. Skipping – oh I loved skipping as a kid
    8. Dance party for sure – yeow!
    9. Cherry!!!!!!
    10. Roller skates – I used to have my own pair of nice white ones with red wheels – wheeeeeeee!


  3. 1. Barbie.
    2. Sugar cookies.
    3. Mud puddles of course.
    4. Easy Bake Oven.
    5. Princesses.
    6. Ponytails.
    7. Skipping.
    8. Sing-along.
    9. Strawberry.
    10. Bicycle.

  4. 1. Raggedy Ann. I also had Holly Hobbie AND Raggedy Andy. I was set.
    2. I’ll say Chocolate chip cookies because I have to pick one. But I’ve always preferred a brownie to anything else.
    3. Oh. My. Dog! I have a photo of me at two in a HUGE mud pit type thing. I was head to toe (and everywhere else) mud.
    4. EasyBakeOven or Lego? I never played with either, so I don’t guess it matters to me.
    5. In my house we are pirate princess, thankyouverymuch.
    6. Again, in our house, either goes – but they must have bows.
    7. Hopscotch is the old version of sidewalk artistry, I believe. However, taking sidewalk chalk and paint and drawing magnificent masterpieces that we play on is the modern day hopscotch.
    8. What good is the sing-a-long if one isn’t dancing?
    9. Strawberry rules the day at our house.
    10. I always like riding my bike more than rollerskates. However, the boy is more fond of his bike and has never been on actual roller skates in his life. (Unless roller blades count.) The girl lacks complete coordination, so I haven’t given her either yet – but she longs for both.

  5. 01. Barbie
    02. Chocolate cookies because I saw the word chocolate.
    03. Mud puddles for Maddie and Mom and tea parties for Autumn.
    04. Lego, I could never see the point in the Easy bake Oven.
    05. I have had both so it doesn’t matter as long as they are happy.
    06. Both look great on our girls.
    07. Hopscotch was always the favorite but Autumn took skipping classes and it was great.
    08. Dance party.
    09. Strawberry.
    10. Bicycles.

  6. 1. Barbie
    2. Chocolate chip cookies
    3. Mud puddles
    4. EasyBakeOven
    5. Tomboys
    6. Ponytails
    7. Hopscotch
    8. Dance party
    9. Strawberry
    10. Bicycle

  7. My turn!

    1. I love Raggedy Ann and loathe Barbie. I would LOVE to get an old-fashioned Raggedy Ann for Mystery Baby Girl. And an Andy too. I had both of them, and Raggedy Ann was my favourite doll of all time. I was even Raggedy Ann for Halloween once.
    2. Totally a chocolate chip cookie household.
    3. Mud puddles! Well, that’s not ENTIRELY true. More like rain puddles. I loved running and splashing in puddles in the rain.
    4. Lego. I had lego as a kid and played with it so much.
    5. Tomboys! I just do not understand princesses. But maybe I will have to learn…?
    6. I like both. Recently I’ve put braids in my hair quite often, but I like ponytails too.
    7. I used to do both. When I was younger, hopscotch was all about seeing how far I could jump. Skipping was all about the sing-song.
    8. We are big dance party fans here. But I sing my brains out all the time. Much to the chagrin of the neighbours, I am sure…
    9. Cherry. Am I the only person on the planet that is NOT a fan of strawberries? I’ll eat them, but I prefer other fruit.
    10. I loved roller skating when I was young, but I think those days are LONG gone.

    So now that we’ve got so many awesome new people coming out of lurkdom recently… maybe we’ll get them to play along too???

  8. Better late then never right?

    1.Raggedy Ann
    2.Chocolate chip all the way, yum!
    3.Mud puddles are sooo fun, in fact I will probably be joining my kids in the puddles.
    4.Definately lego
    5.Tomboys….I have little patience for divaish girls.
    6.Pony tails.
    7.Skipping…I used to skip all the time as a kid but when you grow boobs it’s just not right.
    8.Dance party!
    9.Strawberries but I actually prefer raspberries.
    10.I have never roller skated before so I’m going to have to go with biking.

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