Signed, Sealed and Soon to Be Delivered

Well, the house is (basically) spotless. Every outlet within striking distance of a fork-wielding child is covered. Liquor and cats are both feeling neglected in the basement.

We passed our last inspection, we signed our documents saying (in effect), “What, are you KIDDING me? Of COURSE we want her!”, and we wrote another in the endless stream of cheques for the endless fees. And the social worker has gone.

BDH’s family doctor — who took one look at Mystery Baby Girl’s picture and not only agreed to take her on as his patient, but also waived the fee for the day’s visit — gave her medical report a good look-over and saw nothing untoward.

So, all that’s left is to meet with our case worker at the agency tomorrow morning, supply yet more cash, ask a billion questions, and start counting the days to a court date.

Is there a Greek god we can sacrifice a pint of Haagen Dazs to — a god of expedient court cases, perhaps? (It doesn’t have to be Greek. I mean, I have wine for any Roman god who can get this job done lickety-split. I’m flexible.)

5 thoughts on “Signed, Sealed and Soon to Be Delivered

  1. We are sooooooooo excited for you two, it has been such a long wait. She is absolutley beautiful, I can’t wait to meet her. You both deserve this and she is a lucky baby to have you two as her parents.

  2. Thank you so much! I’ll be relying on your expertise, not to mention if she ever needs a snuggle and she’s peevish with her Mommy. (You’re available for baby snuggling, yes?)

  3. Hmmm you just might have to start showing a little leg and batting those eyelashes… seems to work for some things.

  4. You can sacrifice the Haagen Dazs and wine to me! I don’t have any special powers or anything and I can’t do anything about a speedy court case, but I sure have my fingers crossed for you.


    P.S. My favorites are chocolate and Shiraz (usually Italian)

  5. Shannon, you’ll be happy to know both the Haagen Dazs and the wine came to good ends. Tasty ones, too.

    In fact… well, just to be on the safe side, let’s just say that more than one flavour of ice cream saw its demise over the weekend…

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