Built-In Obsolescence

Our weekend was nice. We were both sore from exercise and tired from other life stuff all weekend, but it was nice. And the weather was beautiful — warm and sunny, a nice change from the cold of the previous two weeks.

But waking up this morning… not so much. My head hurts and I am sitting here with ice on my knee and I would much rather be curled up in bed for, oh I don’t know, HOURS more.

It’s not like we did TONS this weekend. We ran a lot of errands. We cleaned the house more. BDH mowed the lawn. I cooked. But we’re both tired and sore as though we built a house.

We’re both working really hard to get fit. Now that his finger is healed, BDH is back into soccer, and he’s riding the bike each morning, while I do yoga each day and get on the bike and whatever else. And I think that the problem is we’re pushing a bit too hard.

My back is still pretty sore from when it went bung a week and a half ago. My knees ache and I’m hobbling around like a little old man. And the longer it goes on, the more I am beginning to think it is because I am doing too much working out, too fast.

I hate that. It’s a sure sign of getting older. The doctor tells you that you have to exercise more for ____ (fill in miscellaneous health problem here). So you say, okay, I can do that. And you ease in slowly, and the next time you see your doctor s/he says “That’s great, but it’s not enough”. Or, you jump right in and give yourself a good workout each day and suddenly, you have a whole host of other ailments to complain to the doctor about.

You cannot win.

I started getting old at 19. That’s when all my hard sports training started to break my body. Torn this, slipped that, sprained another thing. But I didn’t FEEL old. I didn’t FEEL injured. Nowadays, I really FEEL it. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. My body is letting me down.

So I am caught in a bit of a dilemma: If I continue to work out each day, I hurt. But if I rest and recuperate, I lose the enthusiasm to exercise and my momentum is lost. Do I push on through the pain like I would have before, and come out the other side fit and feeling better? Or does that even happen anymore, at my age? Will I just continue to hurt unless I stop?

I don’t have the answers. I just know that I am beginning to resent the built-in obsolescence of the human body. It’s a prison for a much younger spirit. (Okay, admittedly, it’s a minimum security prison, but STILL.)

BAH. To top things off, not only am I sore and tired, but now I am PEEVISH too.

Stupid body.

Pass me the icepack. And a couple of Advil.