Friday Fun: Best

I’m having a good week. It’s true. Sure, the weather has been crap, and my everything hurts, and there’s still no sign of a referall… but still, it’s been a good week overall. We’re getting things done. We feel a bit more positive. And I made awesome soup yesterday! And the sun is going to shine and it’s going to be warm this weekend!

So, I want to keep the optimism going today! I want to hear about great things: things you love, people that you think are wonderful, lovely places to go and things to buy. I want to hear about what you think is best. It’s all about what you think is best. So tell me:

  1. …the best place to buy a sandwich
  2. …the best person to visit with to make you feel good
  3. …the best colour to wear to make you look really good
  4. …the best way to spend $100 and have fun
  5. …the best dessert you have ever had
  6. …the best person to watch in a movie or on TV to make you laugh
  7. …the best kind of music to put you in a happy mood
  8. …the best flowers to get in a bouquet
  9. …the best place to get a fantastic meal
  10. …the best place to vacation to just relax
  11. …the best fruit to put in a fruit salad
  12. …the best way to relax on a weekend

So I hope you’re all feeling the positive vibe after thinking about all those nice things!

6 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Best

  1. 1. I don’t think there is a great place to buy a sandwich. I prefer to make my own.
    2. My sister. She is just 2 years younger than I am so we have a lot in common. We have no secrets that I know of. We both have the same back ground so we are both free to say anything and know where the other one is coming from.
    3. In the summer I like yellow when I have a tan. Winter I like blue and pink.
    4. The best way to spend $100 is on a golf course that you haven’t played before.
    5. It would have to be chocolate something. I would like to try the chocolate cake with the gooey chocolate filling inside. I forget what it is called.
    6. That’s tough. Their aren’t many out there now who can do that.
    7. The granddaughters great music, it make you want to move.
    9. The Keg.
    10. Florida all though Cuba was a close second.
    11. Peaches.
    12. Glass of wine and then a nap. Did I mention that I love my naps.

  2. Oh it’s quiet in here this weekend. I guess I’ll be number 2!

    1. Hmmm. The best sandwiches are the club sandwiches at our local Casey’s, actually. Multigrain bread, cranberry mayo, mmmmmm…
    2. BDH always cheers me up. We always laugh a lot when we’re together.
    3. If I have a tan, my best colour is navy. Otherwise, I think black is best for me. Plus I love black. You always feel good in colours you love.
    4. Ooh, that’s tough. I think buying some good DVDs or series on DVD is good, but also? Celebrating an occasion with a really good meal is nice, too.
    5. I think a chocolate molten cake — the black forest kind we used to get at the Mill was AWESOME.
    6. I always enjoy movies that Emma Thompson is in. And We love the stuff Aaron Sorkin writes (although we’re finding he repeats the same stuff over and over and over) because the actors are so good.
    7. DUDE. Retro alternative. Specifically what we used to call “dance music”, and stuff by the Smiths, Depeche Mode, the Cure, the Clash, Elvis Costello…
    8. I also love carnations. But I think gerbera daisies are lovely too.
    9. Hands down, the Mill — where we had our wedding meal.
    10. It’s a toss up between Barbados, a nice cottage on the west coast of Ireland, and a cottage in Muskoka during the middle of the week in September.
    11. I like peaches, raspberries and blueberries.
    12. Reading a book on the deck at the cottage with a good cup of coffee, and feeding peanuts to the chipmunks.

  3. 1. Tastebud’s is the best place to buy a sandwich.
    2. Yvan is my favourite person…he makes me laugh, feel safe and loves me
    3. Yellow looks really nice on me and makes me feel young(er)
    4.Oh boy a night out with friends for drinks and appetizers on a deck in the summer
    5. Schmoo Torte….mmmmm…angelfood cake, caramel and whip topping
    6. Steve Carell, Ben Stiller, Mike Myers, Steve Martin (oh I love Steve Martin so much!!!)
    7. Mika, Juno Soundtrack, Duran Duran, The Cure, I could go on and on too many to list.
    8. Gerber Daisies or Lilies
    9. Keo’s for Thai, Saba’s for African, Amigo’s for Mexican
    10. My backyard on the swing with a cocktail or Hawaii or the beaches of Thailand
    11. Strawberries, Kiwis, Bananas and blood oranges…mmmmmm yummmmmm
    12. Reading a book on my patio or going for a walk with Yvan to get ice cream.

    Cinn – you like all the same music as I do –
    “We are sympatico! Brothers..(er..sisters) from another mother”. – Jeremy Piven – Serendipity

    I saw Depeche Mode in Concert in 1991 on the Violator tour -they were fantastic…still have to see Duran, Duran and The Cure one day:)


  4. And also, we have the giraffe thing, and you know quotes from a John Cusack film — and, as you know, I am the unrequited love of his life.

  5. oh yes…we do have all those things in common as well don’t we..soul sisters we are…John sends his love…we talk often…him and I…I tell him I am married but he still persists 😉

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