Mom Takes a Bow

I called Mom (a.k.a. Carole, commenter extraordinaire) for tips on making a surprise dinner for BDH tonight. I wanted to make him seafood chowder to thank him for all his hard work this week around the house, but I needed a little assistance.

So I called the expert, and she answered a few of my questions. And I put the chowder together, and hoped for the best.

And, I have to tell you, it turned out really well! In fact, it was FANTASTIC!  (even lacking lobster, that requisite maritime staple)

So I just have to give Big Ups to Mom, and her great advice, for talking me through yet another food emergency!

Take a bow, Mom!

4 thoughts on “Mom Takes a Bow

  1. Well, I must say I am floating on air since my head is so big from those comments. But to echo BDH I still think lobster would have added more flavor. But I thank you for the praise. The first chicken soup I made as a new bride was and I quote from Dad “It tastes like the chicken just swam through very quickly and got out.” After 49 years of trying to perfect chicken soup I think I finally made it, so take heart. Keep trying and trust your taste buds. Keep tasting and adding what ever you think would make it better. Keep to the recipe but add your own touch.

  2. Mom rocks!!! She is a fountain of information and assistance I tell you. Some days I just couldn’t make it though without her. From cooking to gardening to childcare and just about anything else(don’t forget wine making), she is the “go-to-gal.” I am sure some days she just hates to hear ….”MOOOMMM, how do I….!!!” Thanks mom.

  3. You are welcome. Are you two confused? Mothers Day was 2 weeks ago but I always love to hear nice things.

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