Where Did Spring Go?

Where did spring go? Did it disappear? Was I singing its praises too much and it got stage fright and left? Was it my fault?

Because I can tell you, overcast and 4 degrees is NOT my idea of a spring morning. Oh no.

I bought a couple of plants the other day — two poppies, two blanketflowers, and two gerbera daisies — and they are sitting forlornly in a flat on my porch. There’s no way I am going to take a chance planting them in this cold. This is cold where frost is still a possibility.

I thought this was MAY?! I suppose it’s possible that I slept overly long and woke up in the middle of October. Although it seems unlikely.

The rule has always been: Wait until the May 2-4 long weekend before you plant anything in your garden. Well, May 2-4 has come and gone and I’m still not taking a chance. Admittedly, it was an early one this year. But STILL.

Well, my back is bad, so it’s not like I could have done any planting or gardening anyway, but THAT IS NOT THE POINT.

One of my projects around this time of year is to pack away the winter sweaters and jammies and whatnot and bring out all the spring clothes. Not flipping likely — you’re not catching me outside in anything less than fleece on a day like this.

I am not even motivated to go out and fill the squirrel/blue jay box with peanuts. I’ve taken to just flinging the peanuts out the screen door with hopes they MIGHT land in the box. Which, admittedly, some of them do… while the rest are bouncing and rolling hither and yon across the patio stones and under the steps and into the grass. However, they can forget about me trying that with the birdseed.

The chipmunks will be disappointed.

And I can not sit out in my rocking chair on the front porch and work in the mornings in this kind of chilly, damp weather. Which is not so bad in some respects, actually, because I don’t have to see Queen Bitch President of the Special Mommies Club and her always-dirty children who, probably not surprisingly, never seem to be in school. However, I do miss the otherwise peaceful part of sitting outside, hearing the birds and enjoying the warmth and sunshine.

Of which there is absolutely none today.

Stupid weather.

3 thoughts on “Where Did Spring Go?

  1. I hear you Cinn. I had already planted some seeds in hopes of an early harvest but as you well know the weatherman has other ideas. What did I hear about global warming? Down east is still very cool and wet. My lettuce has come up but I fear that the beans and other vegs seeds have rotted in the ground only to be planted again. I heard an Indian Chief on our TV station a few years back and he said not to plant anything before the crabapple trees are in bloom. I guess I jumped the gun and got a little ahead of myself. Sigh!!!!!

  2. I took some of my flower garden to put a few vegs. in to blend in behind the flowers. We were at a golf course and they had put some tomato plants in with the flowers and it looked ok. I am going to try it. I will let you know how it turns out.

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