My 40 Days

Last week I told you about Rana’s post inviting people to embark on 40 Days of Change, and I said that I was going to start on it, too. So, yesterday was my day to start, and although I didn’t post about it (hey, it was a long weekend!) I DID manage to start.

It took a lot of consideration over the weekend, to decide what my 40 Days would be about. There are a lot of things I want to change, but like the original idea states, I wanted something small and achievable. And I came up with quite a few ideas.

So, I’m actually setting out 2 intentions for myself. One is practical, and the other is more spiritual in nature.

My first goal is to help a bit with my procrastinator nature. I do procrastinate — A LOT — and one of the things that I have been procrastinating about is the adoption. Both BDH and I have just gotten so blah about the whole thing, because nothing has happened recently, and it does not feel like anything will happen. And because it is so nebulous a prospect, it’s really hard to get motivated to do anything to get ready. So to help with this, my first intention is to do one thing each day to prepare for the adoption. Just one thing per day, but something. Anything. I have a lot of things that we still have to get done, and this way, it’s not like motivating yourself to do a big job you don’t want to do. It’s small, incremental, and easy, but it all adds up.

My second goal is more about my spiritual wellness. I have been plagued with poor self image all my life. I have done battle with the mirror my whole life, hating how I look or how much I weigh or criticizing one aspect or another of my physical appearance. So my other goal is about mending that poor self image a little bit, and being nicer to myself. I intend to say something nice about myself in the mirror each day. I am just going to find something good about how I look and say it, out loud, to the woman looking back at me. I’m going to do a little bit to repair all the damage done over all these years by trying a little bit of kindness.

So there you go. Those are my intentions. Small, measurable, and achievable. But I think they are a good step on the road to changing something bigger.

I’ll try to update from time to time on how I am doing, at least on the adoption tasks. And if you’re doing a personal 40 Days, feel free to comment about yours, too. And head over to Rana’s blog each day — she’s been posting some inspirational thoughts as she goes through her journey, and it might help you with yours as well.

3 thoughts on “My 40 Days

  1. Cinn – I am so glad you are doing this – I have to tell you that keeping it simple and then letting it go are the keys! So, far the intentions I have set are working and I seem to be at peace.

    I hope the same happens for you!

    Hugs to you,


  2. Excellent ideas Cinn! I REALLY should be doing this too but I’m just not in the “mood” (which I suppose is all the more reason to be doing it).
    Keep us updated on how it goes and although I don’t know what you like on the outside, I have been able to get to know your “inside” a little and I have to say I think you are a beautiful, funny, heart warming person and I admire you for those things.


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