Friday Fun: Long Weekend!

YAYAYAYAYAY! I love May Two-four! It’s the start of summer, the start of cottage season (well, for those of us who have a cottage, or are not on the outs with those who have one) and it’s a long weekend! Long weekends mean different things to different people, of course, but for us it usually means sleeping in, big breakfasts, good coffee, and getting some stuff done around the place.

  1. Sleeping in or early riser?
  2. Pancakes or French toast?
  3. Wildflowers or flower garden?
  4. Beer, wine or liquor?
  5. Electric mower, gas mower, or manual?
  6. Marshmallows, hot dogs or s’mores?
  7. Waterskiing or riding in the boat?
  8. Fireplace or fire pit?
  9. Wilderness camping or cabin?
  10. Mosquitoes or black flies?
  11. Screened-in porch, gazebo, or deck?
  12. Garden centre (so I can start my planters and pots), Home Depot (so we can do some work on the patio) or Canadian Tire (so we can clean and paint)?

Hope everyone has a great long weekend!

12 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Long Weekend!

  1. 1. Early riser. I hate to say that since I had hoped to turn Hubby into a late sleeper when he retired.That backfired on me and now I am an “early to bed early to rise person.
    2. Pancakes.
    3. Flower garden.
    4. Wine. Duh!!!
    5. I go for the big ride on mower now that I know how to work it.
    6. S’mores are too rich so marshmallows.
    7.Riding on the boat.
    8. Fireplace.
    9. Cabin. There are too many critters out there.
    10. Mosquitoes. At lest you can hear them coming for lunch.
    11. How about a deck with a screened in area?
    12. I don’t know about you but I am off to Canadian Tire so we can clean and paint the back of the house. With a little one expected soon it may be nice to have the patio.

  2. 1. I love sleeping in, especially when the dogs are all snuggled up with us.
    2.French toast, yum!
    3.Wild flowers
    4.I’m happy with all 3 but my preference is wine unless it’s a really hot than a cold beer really hits the spot!
    5.I have an electric one right now and it is driving me crazy. I wouldn’t getting one with those rechargable batteries so I don’t have to fight with an extension cord all the time.
    7.Riding in the boat. The one and only time I tried water skiing I ended up doing an extremely painful version of the splits and have vowed to never do that again.
    6.Ooooh, this is a tough one. I really love hot dogs cooked over a fire…and then maybe some s’mores for dessert.

    Oops # 6 & 7 are out of order.

    8.Fire pit. I could sit out all evening staring at a fire.
    9.Wilderness camping for up to 4 days, cabin camping for any longer than that.
    10.Definately mosquitos..they don’t hurt as much.
    12.Hmmm, this is a tough one…I’m going to go with garden centre….once you’ve got all those pretty flowers and plants everywhere it will motivate you to work on everything else.

    Thanks, that was fun!


  3. 1. Sleeping in but that is like 8:30 for me.
    2. French toast with strawberries on top – yummmmm
    3. Wildflowers
    4. Liquor – gin to be exact – gin, cranberry and soda – yup perfect summer drink!!
    5. We have a gas mower but as we are wish we had an electric one – sans cord of course
    6. Hot dogs with mustard, ketchup, pickles and cheese!
    7. Riding in the boat
    8. fire pit, friends and above gin cocktail makes for the perfect evening.
    9. Wilderness camping or cabin – I like both actually
    10. Mosquitoes for sure – yeow those black flies hurt
    11. Deck with above gin cocktail
    12. Garden centre because all those flowers are so relaxing 🙂

    I am not a souse – I just love a gin cocktail now and then


  4. 1. Earlier riser, usually 5-5:30ish to work.
    2. French toast.
    3. Wild flowers – less gardening.
    4. Rum thank you very much.
    5. Gas mower (sorry environment).
    6. Hot dogs baby!
    7. Boat, after my one experience with the other and almost pulling my arms out of their sockets!
    8. Fire pit in the summer, fireplace in winter.
    9. Cabin.
    10. Oh, I wish I were a little mosquito…remember that song?
    11. We have a canvas gazebo we bought last year and I was out there all the time, and no black flies or mosquitoes.
    12. Definately Home Depot. With a little one coming soon, a deck with side rails and a place to put a baby gate would be an excellent place to play while mommy is doing dishes, etc. We very much wish we had one here as Maddie is a runner and a roamer and mommy can’t keep up so much.

  5. 1. Today it was all about sleeping in!
    2. Pancakes
    3. Both! but right now flower garden
    4. A nice glass of red wine
    5. Goat! I don’t mind a gas mower
    6. S’mores!
    7. Riding in the boat but I prefer a sailboat
    8. Fireplace
    9. Cabin
    10. Mosquitoes
    11. Gazebo with a hot tub in it!
    12. Garden centre

  6. 1. Sleeping in. There’s nothing so lovely as sleep, in my books.
    2. French toast. It’s comfort food.
    3. Flower garden. I tried wildflowers and it’s just too messy.
    4. Beer, if you can believe that. Nothing like a really cold beer.
    5. Gas mower, baby! Preferably a riding mower. But some sheep would be nice, too.
    6. I don’t really like any of them, but marshmallows are a tradition.
    7. I’ll ride in the boat, thanks. Water skiing is evil.
    8. Fireplace. Too many bugs and too much work with a fire pit.
    9. Cottage all the way, baby! But I like camping too.
    10. Black flies might hurt, but mosquitoes can kill you. I’ll take the flies. They also have a fairly short season.
    11. Screened-in porch is what I am leaning towards these days.
    12. Looks like none, because I hurt my back yesterday. I’m going to be fairly useless all weekend. 🙁

  7. Oh Cinn, sorry to hear about your back. Want to find a really cute gardener and send him over?

  8. Ugh, why do I always miss words in my typing…..I meant “want ME to find a really cute gardener….”
    Maybe I should learn to proof read.

  9. Well, I don’t mind… you can find the gardener and send him to ME, or I’ll find the gardener and send him to YOU. As long as one of us gets a really cute gardener!

  10. Well, now I wouldn’t mind a really cute gardener but Abby and Cassy might have a problem with it 🙂 So I’ll stick with the original plan 😉

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