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Here’s what’s going on at the House of Peevish on a Wednesday.

  • It was one of those mornings when waking up is hard to do. It was one of those mornings when you just settle into a really good, comfortable spot, and the temperature is just right, and you’re so happy sleeping… and then the alarm goes off. And it’s Wednesday, so it’s garbage day, so it’s not like you can just shut off the alarm and sleep in because you never know when the stupid garbage men will come by. But oh, for just another hour or so of that magical sleep.
  • I’m turning into every crabby old adult I ever knew. And the reason? Is cats. And gardens. I love cats — obviously. Always have. But I remember as a kid how the horrible nasty neighbours would complain about cats using their gardens as a litter box. I remember my father complaining about it (only tangentially, because we had an outdoor cat, so it was kind of expected). I remember thinking how these crotchety old people were so mean for chasing cats out of their yard, yelling and clapping and acting like freaks. And what am I doing, at least a couple of times a week around here? Yelling and clapping and making weird noises to chase cats out of my garden or my yard. Even this morning, as I sit out on the porch with you typing, one of the worst offenders (the orange cat belonging to the Queen Bitch President of the Special Mommies Club who lives a few doors down, who always digs up my vegetable garden to crap in — that’s the CAT, mind, not the woman) was starting to walk over to our yard. He saw me and stopped dead in his tracks. “Don’t even think about it,” I told him. He froze. Then he turned, and walked in the other direction. I’m turning into that horrible Mrs. S, who lived next door when I was a child.
  • It’s cool today, and the forecast is calling for rain this afternoon. Maybe a thunderstorm. I love thunderstorms, especially in the heat of summer. But right now it is cool, so if the rain comes it will get cooler, and the chill and the damp will get into your bones. I think a big pot of chicken curry is in order. There’s something good for a cold, damp day.
  • I have this thing about wildlife. I love animals. I have an affinity for animals, mostly because they have always been great companions, trustworthy and unconditionally loving, where people have not. And so, I live in a house with 4 cats. And I can watch the deer out back for endless hours. And I feed the birds and the squirrels and the chipmunks and the rabbits. And I don’t get upset when the voles tear up our lawn, or various animals mow down our plants and shrubs, because they need food and shelter in the winter. So when the neighbour shows me that a robin has started making a nest in a decorative wreath that’s hanging on the brick wall of her house — a wreath, that she tells me, is only lightly hung up on the wall and not capable of supporting much weight — well, I begin to worry. You just know that I’ll be worrying about that bird and the inhabitants of that nest, wide awake and in a state, on the first rainy, windy night.
  • I am looking at the front yard of the Queen Bitch President of the Special Mommies Club, and I notice, she’s got some sort of decorative tree thing in her front lawn. This tree (I use the term loosely) is held up by three big honking stakes and some ropes covered in rubber tubing, all considerably thicker and sturdier than this twig-like tree thing. And it’s been there for years; it’s not as if this is a brand new plant that just needs a little help in its first season but then will be big and strong in no time. Oh no. It’s been like this for a couple years now. And so I ask myself, what is the frigging point? Why would you buy a tree that needs an elaborate system of pulleys and cables and trapezes and whatnot to hold the damn thing up? Why not buy a tree that was, you know, more TREE than TWIG? Is it like some sort of bizarre art installation that I am just not understanding?
  • We don’t have cable, so everything we watch is on DVD or the computer. And we’ve taken to watching a few oddball movies and series over the last little bit, along with some old favourites. And so, if you’re looking for something a little more intriguing and off the beaten track than your average fare, I would recommend:
    • Jekyll, because it’s both thrilling and darkly hilarious, and James Nesbitt is brilliant and — dare I say it — just a little bit sexy in it.
    • Slings and Arrows, because Paul Gross is hilarious in season 1 and 2, and just plain great in season 3. The first two seasons are funny and touching and fun, while season 3 is a bit less funny and a bit more tear-your-heart-out sad.
    • Waitress, because it’s a sweet little movie, both funny and sad. It’s a gem.
    • The MatchMaker, because it’s one of those movies that never gets old. It’s charming and fun, and it’s got some great characters along with the obviously played-for-broad-laughs stereotypical ones. It’s nice rom-com entertainment.
    • Greenfingers, because it’s just a lovely film. And because Clive Owen is lovely to look at.

4 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Life Stuff

  1. I have a new favorite movie to add to your list. I you like music, this movie is a hit. It is “August Rush” and I loved every minute of it.

  2. James Nesbitt is always darkly sexy. IT’s a given. I”ll have to check out Jekyll.

  3. I fell for James Nesbitt when he was on Cold Feet.

    I caught myself shoo-ing my neighbour’s cats the other day. What a grumpy old woman, I am. I have been saving up coffee grounds and brought a bottle of cayenne pepper to keep the little blighters out of my flowerbed. Now I just need to get around to laying the stuff down. I hope it works.

  4. I am definitely the grumpy old lady who gets upset when the neighbour’s cats decide to use my flower gardens as a litter box.
    I am getting older and get down on my hands and knees to do the weeding and feeding of my plants. Oh my, I do not like what the cats leave behind for me to find when I am down there.And yes I also chase them when I see them and clap and shoo as well. Does anyone else have some ideas as to how to keep them away.
    They look at me and freeze but then continue on with what they were doing in the first place.

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