Friday Fun: Good Life

I’m in the mood to relax. I get these newsletters in my email advertising nice clothes or places to travel and I think, “Ooh. I want me some of THAT.” But, alas, with the adoption of the Mystery Baby, there will be NONE of that for quite some time. But that doesn’t mean we can’t dream, right?

So today’s Friday Fun is about a bit of pampering. A bit of the good stuff. So which would you choose?

  1. Whirlpool bath or big soaker tub?
  2. Diamonds or pearls?
  3. New Zealand or Norway?
  4. Movies at the theatre or movies on DVD?
  5. Creme brulee or cheesecake?
  6. Snorkeling or sailing?
  7. Kitchen nicknack stores or shoe stores?
  8. Rome or Rio?
  9. Caramel popcorn or salt and butter popcorn?
  10. Real cream or French Vanilla creamer in my coffee?

Tough choices, I know. But somebody’s got to do it.

13 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Good Life

  1. Oh, me first, me first, for I am all about the dreaming!!!
    1. Whirlpool tub.
    2. Pearls (my birthstone don’t you know).
    3. New Zealand (its warm there).
    4. We always watch movies on DVD, so a treat would be at the theatre thank you very much (actually the drive-in opened here last weekend and that is always a blast).
    5. I would like to try Creme Brulee as I have never had it before.
    6. Snorkeling.
    7. Hmmm, tough choice…I go with shoes.
    8. Rome would be lovely to see, I have always wanted to tour Europe.
    9. Salt and butter baby, also…seasoning salt and parmesan cheese also rock.
    10. I know how much you love French Vanilla creamer so go with that. Personally, I love the real cream.

  2. Whirlpool bath or big soaker tub?
    1. Pearls
    2. New Zealand – I hoping to Meet Bret and Jemaine from Flight of the Concords and become their #1 fan –
    3. Movies at the theatre because it is always better in BIG sound
    4. Can I say chocolate cake – I don’t really like either
    5. Oh Snorkeling for sure – swimming with the fishies!!!
    6. Ummmmm…helloooooooo – shoe stores
    7. Rome – I am not wearing a thong on the beach no way to Rio
    8. MMMMMMMMM……salt and butter popcorn made on the stove old fashioned way
    9. Real cream – I think – I don’t know to be honest because I don’t drink coffee 🙂

  3. Okay, my turn!

    1. Big soaker tub. Totally. One with claw feet that you can lie down in. One you can get all the way up to your neck in.
    2. Pearls. You kidding me? I lived in Japan. Of course pearls!
    3. New Zealand. Always wanted to live there, ever since my father talked about relocating the family when I was young.
    4. Movies on DVD. I find there are very few movies I need to see on the big screen and are worth the crazy price of admission.
    5. Cheesecake. The baked kind. Plain. Just a teeny hint of lemon for tang.
    6. DUDE. Ixnay on the ish-fay, man! NO FISH! I’m sailing.
    7. Kitchen stores. I love kitchen stuff. Shoes are overrated. (Ooh, except for really good sports shoes. Like my court shoes. They’ve never been worn outside, not once, in 4 years. I love good sports shoes and stores that know good sports shoes. I could shop in a high end sports store ALL. DAY.)
    8. Rome. Too many banana hammocks in Rio. Nobody needs to see that.
    9. Caramel popcorn. Shoppers Drug Mart used to sell AWESOME caramel popcorn with cinnamon and pecans. YUM.
    10. Sherri, I know you’ll be surprised, but I’m with you — real cream all the way!

  4. Better late than never, right?

    1. tuff one – I’ll say whirlpool
    2. diamonds, dahlink
    3. New Zealand with a handsome sheep herder please
    4. Theatre only if it’s a big, action flick (like Star Wars)
    5. blah to both, but maybe cheesecake if it’s of the chocolate variety
    6. snorkeling (no vomiting involved)
    7. Kitchen store – doesn’t matter I can’t cook, I just love the ‘stuff’
    8. Rome (I thought of the banana hammocks too)
    9. caramel popcorn but Parmesan cheese is my fave
    10. French Vanilla creamer in my coffee too


  5. 1. Big soaker tub
    2. Pearls
    3. New Zealand
    4. Movies at the theatre
    5. Cheesecake
    6. Snorkeling
    7. Kitchen nicknack stores
    8. Rome
    9. Salt and butter popcorn
    10. Real cream

  6. Okay, here I go…..
    2.Diamonds..just nothing too flashy
    3.New Zealand
    4.Definately DVD….movies are much better at better snuggled on the couch in comfy clothes with the furry creatures!
    7.Kitchen nicknacks….I’m like Haze, no cooking talents but love all the gadgets.
    8.Rio…geesh why you ladies dissing the banana hammocks??
    9.Salt & Butter…and maybe a little dill pickle seasoning.
    10.Cinn I’m going to join you for coffee this morning so whatever you put in yours can you add some to mine too?

  7. I hate being last it takes forever to scroll back to the top and get the questions.
    1. Whirlpool tub.
    2. I wear my diamond pendant more than my pearls.
    3. Norway is way too cold for me. Give me New Zealand thank you.
    4. Movies on the DVD. I don’t like to have to go out after the movie I just crawl into bed.
    5. Cheesecake Please.
    6. I have tried both and I am a disaster at both.
    7. I like both but my favorite is the shoe store.
    8. Rome.
    9. Caramel popcorn.
    10. French Vanilla creamer. What?? I thought it was French Vanilla Not real cream. Will you make up your mind so I will know what to get for your next trip home.
    OK, I don’t want to sound like I am out of the loop but what is a banana hammock???? OH, OH, I think I just clued in. Sorry, you can forget that question. It might be embarrassing for you to tell me. BDH always said I was a little slow cluing in on things. Give me time I will get it.

  8. Oh now Mom, I like BOTH real cream and French Vanilla creamer. Heck, I like other flavours too. Don’t you know by now… I just like creamy coffee! So I am happy with whatever you have.

    But as for the banana hammock… I am glad you figured it out, because I didn’t want to have to explain it! BLEEEEURGH!

  9. A little late in the game, but it is my first day off so I have some time to catch up on blogs

    1. Hmmmmm, I’m not a bath person, I much prefer showers, if I had to pick one of these it would have to be the whirlpool bath so the water keeps circulating
    2. Diamonds
    3. New Zealand
    4. Movies on DVD. Ever since I saw the movie Outbreak where you can see all the germs flying around, I have gone to very few movies in the theater. Cover your mouth when you cough people!
    5. Cheesecake
    6. I can’t see without my glasses so snorkeling is out therefor I would have to pick sailing?
    7. Kitchen nicknack store
    8. Rome, mostly for the food and wine.
    9. Salt and butter popcorn
    10. Anything creamy, first choice would be Bailies but right now I am on my second cup with French Vanilla creamer in my coffee. Yummmmmm


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