4 thoughts on “Brave Hunters

  1. Those cat eyes are looking at the local wildlife entirely different then you are.But I’m sure you know that.You do know that don’t you? I’m sure they would love to get out there and have a little fun with the locals. Lucy would be the best at chasing them. Don’t you think so? Just look at those ears,alert and ready to pounce.

  2. I know how much you love Lucy, but I’m sorry, she’s not coming to live with you. I’d miss my snugglebug lap cat! My mobile purring hot water bottle!

    Mind you, that would solve your mouse problem, wouldn’t it?

    Well, next time we’re at a cat show, if there’s a Lucycat…

  3. Hold on there!!!!! I didn’t say I liked Lucy but I must admit that you are right about the snugglebug lap cat and the mobile purring water bottle and after seeing her being so alert and watching all of the action in the back yard she may be the answer to my mouse problem. Don’t go to anymore cat shows. you two don’t know when to say NO. I still don’t want a cat so don’t go there….did you hear me? I think she is cute even though she reminds me of a big wild cat.

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