Friday Fun: Pre-Emptive Tag

There’s another meme going around Teh Intertubes, which I’ve seen on some of the blogs I frequent. Fortunately, I’ve not been tagged yet… which means I can use it for the Friday Fun!

But the one that’s going around is really, really, really, REALLY long — so we’re going to do an abridged version. Because we like to be zippy quick in our Fun here.

So complete the sentences:

  1. I think…
  2. I always…
  3. I want…
  4. I hate…
  5. I am not…
  6. I miss…
  7. I am scared of…
  8. I wonder…
  9. I regret…
  10. I don’t always…
  11. I crave…
  12. I believe…
  13. I never…
  14. I can usually be found…
  15. I wish…

I’ll post mine later on, after a few cups of coffee, some vacuuming, and some general housekeeping… possibly a nap…

8 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Pre-Emptive Tag

  1. Because I am lazy and don’t want to do this again – see my blog for mine 🙂 Happy Weekend!

  2. And I suppose I should start things off…

    1. I think… I’m doing this so I can put off cleaning the bathrooms.
    2. I always… dream bigger than my budget!
    3. I want… a cup of tea.
    4. I hate… conflict.
    5. I am not… as fearless as I used to be.
    6. I miss… my mom.
    7. I am scared of… fish, and many kinds of bugs.
    8. I wonder… whether we’ll ever get rid of all this debt!
    9. I regret… letting other people influence some big decisions in my life. And not realizing my potential.
    10. I don’t always… read with enough attention to detail!
    11. I crave… one really, really good night’s sleep.
    12. I believe… in the goodness of animals.
    13. I never… EVER liked liver.
    14. I can usually be found… behind my laptop.
    15. I wish… we would get a referral, already.

  3. 1. I think…I really have to get at my housecleaning.
    2. I always…need coffee to get me going in the morning.
    3. I want…a back deck to get away from the neighbors.
    4. I hate…Like Cinn I hate conflict.
    5. I am not…as young as I used to be. SOB.
    6. I miss…tucking my children into bed at night. That was a really nice part of the day.
    7. I am scared of…right now my dentist.
    8. I wonder…what will the future hold for us.
    9. I regret…Not much.Can you believe that? We did what we could with what we had.
    10. I don’t always…look on the bright side of things.
    11. I crave…Chocolate. Which I shouldn’t have because of the cholesterol.
    12. I believe…in God and eternal life for all who believe.
    13. I never…want to get up before 7 o’clock. But I do.
    14. I can usually be found …at home or on the golf course.
    15. I wish…for happiness and peace for my family. Trials and tribulations add to character so a few of those should be included but not too many. I can say that we had a few but came out on top of the heap. I think I am content.

  4. I think… that this will be fun!
    I always… wanted to be a rock star.
    I want… to redo my bathroom.
    I hate… it when I sneeze 10 times in a row.
    I am not… going to forget to return my library books.
    I miss… my parents.
    I am scared of… failing at my new job.
    I wonder… if we will move.
    I regret… not joining Katimivik.
    I don’t always… floss my teeth.
    I crave… potato chips.
    I believe… that people are good.
    I never… liked Sex and the City
    I can usually be found… at the computer before I go to work
    I wish… that I did not have to worry about money.

  5. Hmmm, being that I was tagged and didn’t feel like doing it ‘cuz it would just end up being all sad and frustrated adoption thoughts I guess I can tackle this mini version.

    1.I think…not enough before I speak.
    2.I always…wanted to be a good dancer/singer…I am not.
    3.I want…to be the best mommy I can be.
    4.I hate…when people are mad at me.
    5.I am not…as thin as I’d like to be.
    6.I miss…Ethiopia.
    7.I am scared of…moths.
    8.I wonder…who and where our babies are.
    9.I regret…being so self conscious in highschool.
    10.I don’t always…keep my house as clean as I’d like.
    11.I crave…cuddling my future babies in their jammies.
    12.I believe…in karma.
    13.I never…can keep up with the dog hair in the house!
    14.I can usually be found…at home if I’m not working.
    15.I wish…Cinn and me would both get our referrals before MOther’s Day 🙂

  6. 1. I think…I’m not as tough as I want to believe.
    2. I always…wish I had accomplished more during the day.
    3. I want…to do something noble, just once, before I die.
    4. I hate…desperate need.
    5. I am not…the honorable person I strive so hard to be – I fall way short.
    6. I miss…my dad.
    7. I am scared of…not dying before my children.
    8. I wonder…what my dog thinks of me when I am cranky.
    9. I regret…not standing up for myself when I should have held fast to what I believed to be right and just.
    10. I don’t always…apologize when I know I’m wrong.
    11. I crave…peace.
    12. I believe…that no one can win a holy war.
    13. I never…understood how those who have the most to lose take the biggest risks with what they have.
    14. I can usually be found…at home.
    15. I wish…I could grant wishes for those I care for the most. I wish …. a lot of things.

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