Cold Snap

It’s cold here this week. Although it’s bright and sunny outside today, it’s going to be a week of cold temperatures, below 10 degrees, and rain (they were calling for flurries! –  ACK! — but that has passed) before warming back up to the high teens and twenties on the weekend.

So that means we’re inside for the week. And the natives are getting restless.

Our cats are relatively simple creatures in terms of day to day stuff. They have a routine, and they like to stick to it. Changes in routine are met with concern, confusion, peevishness… almost always expressed in a loud vocal fashion by certain members of the committee.

The change in routine brought on by the cold weather is that the windows are closed. Now, to an indoor cat, open windows are a source of great amusement. They like the breeze. They like to sit in the window and smell smells. And they watch birds and bugs, and leaves scuttling across the lawn, and it’s endlessly fascinating. So when the windows are closed, the indoor cat is suddenly BORED. Their schedule is OFF. They are DISPLEASED.

And their displeasure is voiced in one very tiny yet very loud kitty doing the rounds of the house, shouting her head off.

I’m being stared at right now, which is a welcome change from the last hour or so of hollering around and around the house, up and down the stairs. She’s like one of those trucks with a loudspeaker on it, roaming the neighbourhoods and blaring messages to all and sundry so loudly as to be incoherent.

But right now, it appears that she feels a campaign of intimidation is her best bet. She’s sitting across the room on the box that holds Mystery Baby’s high chair, staring at me with a LOOK on her face that would shoot daggers, if she knew how, and if she knew what daggers were.

It’s as if she’s trying to use the power of her mind to WILL ME into opening a window. Or maybe she’s calling upon all her powers of kitty telekinesis to 1) open a window and 2) cause my head to explode. It’s hard to say.

As soon as I look at her or make a move, she starts lipping off again. So I am careful not to move more than is required to work on my laptop and periodically reach for my coffee. If any sudden or large movements are needed, I wait until she is lost in thought or taking a moment to doze.

I am careful to keep my eyes hidden behind my laptop. Do not look directly at the Bubby.

The chill outside brings about a fairly frosty reaction inside, our own personal cold snap.