Dream Analysis

Did you ever have a dream that just made you think, “Huh. Really.”

Because I had one last night and let me tell you, I am extrapolating a whole bunch of things from it.

I dreamt last night that I was at a bakery. (You can tell this is a dream because it is all written in italics.) It was run by an unpleasant sort of old man.

Now, BDH and I both pride ourselves on the fact that we are, on the whole, pleasant to service people in our day-to-day lives, because 1) they probably don’t deal with a whole lot of pleasant people in the course of a day, and it certainly doesn’t cost us anything to be nice, and b) that whole “be good to others and they will be good to you” thing. So I was nice to this old guy, but he was having none of it. I was chatting and he was just a grim-faced bastard.

But despite his cold demeanor, there were a lot of tasty-looking items in the bakery. And I am a sucker for tasty baked goods. And there were these biggish chocolate chip cookies in the display that I thought would go over well at our house (likely because earlier, before bed and in real life, BDH and I were watching a movie and thinking how good some chocolate chip cookies and milk would be.)

So, finally, I asked the old guy for a dozen of these cookies. He started to get them together into a bag, and then he started chatting with me. He told me that the cookies were not his best batch — he thought they were a little overdone. And since there were a little over a dozen and a half left, he was going to give them all to me for the cost of a dozen cookies.

Well, I was chuffed. First off, I was thinking, “Finally! The old guy’s ice is starting to melt! I have won him over with my charm and friendly manner!” because he was talking to me and all. I was giving myself, like, mental high-fives and stuff. But also, I was getting a whole bunch of cookies for the cost of a dozen — SCORE! So I was all cheerful and thanking him for being so kind and all that.

He handed me the bag of cookies.

“That will be $150,” he said.

I was stunned. But I didn’t say no, or refuse to buy them, or anything. I just handed over my credit card and paid.

And then I was walking around for the rest of the dream, fretting over the cost of these cookies. Cookies which had cost the same as a week’s groceries.

So this morning, I’m thinking to myself, “Self, this? Is a very interesting dream. A dream which could reveal much about you.” So, let’s do a little amateur dream analysis, shall we? (Like I know anything about that stuff. Or even believe in it. But whatever. It amuses me.)

  1. I must make chocolate chip cookies today. This? Is certain. Priority number 1.
  2. Perhaps I have an abnormally deep affection for the baked goods. Is this a warning? Are these very expensive cookies a sign that I am eating too many things that are not healthy and they are bad for me? That perhaps they will cost me a lot in life?
  3. You cannot win over cranky old men. They are old, and they are cranky, and they don’t want to be not cranky. And I bet they don’t want to be not old, either. Bastards.
  4. I need to work on my conflict resolution skills. I didn’t want to make a dream cranky old man mad at me or make a scene by saying I would not buy the cookies. Am I that much a sheeple, that I don’t want to offend people by saying, “No, that’s ridiculous, I will not pay for that”? I think I might be. I mean, they weren’t even their BEST COOKIES. And I was paying big. I’m such a schmuck.
  5. Is this a metaphor for the big tax bills, both income and property, that I have to pay today? Well, I am paying out a lot of money, and it’s not like I am complaining to the cranky old tax man about it or refusing or anything.

Whoa. That’s deep. I’m getting really good at this dream analysis thing. Go, ME! More mental high-fives! Eat your heart out, Freud. (Okay, maybe not so much Freud. A bad example.) Take that… Jung?

Now, let’s look at BDH’s analysis of my dream.

  1. “You’re so weird.”
  2. “I’m not letting you go shopping alone anymore.”

He has a point.

5 thoughts on “Dream Analysis

  1. Oh! Oh! Oh! I know this one!!! YAY ME!!!

    Giving away so much money for something of little value is the same as losing money, right? Losing money in a dream is believed to be signified by temporary unhappiness in your life or a lack of control over important affairs. It’s equal to feeling weak and vulnerable – as you are likely feeling in relation to the adoption. It’s something that you have no control over at this point and you’re at the mercy (SEE? That’s the vulnerable) of numerous nameless and faceless people who control your future happiness.

    Truly, I think you should bake yourself a billion chocolate chip cookies and say, “Da HELL with you damn adoption people!!! I’m still sane!” Sane, albeit, with a billion extra empty calories from the cookies.

    But THEM? They shall have no tasty cookies. So, to them I say, HA!

    **It occurs to me that perhaps I should not spend as much time brushing up on useless information whilst I feel crappy and am unable to sleep. Because has THIS been helpful??? No, I think not.

    *embarrassed* Sorry.

  2. DUDE. You spent, like, WAY too much energy on a dream that was a) involving cookies, and 2) mine. Possibly? The cold medication speaking.

    Just sayin’.

    But did I mention the old man reminded me of someone who we know and the Dictator loves?

  3. I’m stumped. Old man the dictator loves….. *thinking, thinking*

    You’re right. This cold medicine is teh suck.

  4. Well, she’s never actually MET him, but she has professed Teh Love for him. Alarmingly to us all, I might add.

    I think he’s going to be a peon to her as she begins to move toward World Domination.

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