Friday Fun: Just Stuff

Today’s a bit overcast, with a possibility of a thunderstorm this morning, although it might get sunnier by this afternoon. And I am feeling kind of blah. A little tired, a little uninspired, a little lazy… you know those days. Add to that a little bit of peevish, and a bit of stress, because I have to go sign our taxes to get them sent in, and that means we’ll be paying out a whole bunch of money we don’t have. So my day is feeling like it’s going to be a little bit of everything.

And so when I was thinking of what questions to do for our Friday Fun today, it was much the same. There was just a little bit of this, and some of that, and a few of those. All just a mix of stuff, really.

So I ask you:

  1. What snack would hit the spot right now?
  2. What jewellery are you wearing?
  3. What’s one unusual or different place you’d like to visit?
  4. Have you ever taken dancing lessons of any kind?
  5. What’s your favourite flavour of ice cream?
  6. Can you whistle?
  7. Do you sleep on your back, your stomach, or your side?
  8. What’s your favourite way to eat eggs?
  9. What’s the best skin cream you’ve ever used?
  10. I can totally wear this out for lunch today, can’t I?

At least I get to go for lunch with BDH after we get our taxes signed.

5 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Just Stuff

  1. So I will tell you:

    1. I just had my cereal and yogurt so I am full
    2. My wedding band and engagement ring
    3. besides Ethiopia – Moscow and Maachu Pichu
    4. Yes, hip hop and ballroom
    5. Vanilla, then mint chocolate chip, then chocolate chip cookie dough
    6. Not really
    7. side and then stomach and then side and then stomach
    8. poached mediun
    9. Lubriderm lotion – use it everyday
    10. You sure can…and might I add you look lovely 🙂

  2. 1. My cereal – I haven’t had my breakfast yet, tsk
    2. none
    3. Ethiopia, natch, followed by the Galapagos Islands
    4. yes! tap, jazz, ballet, and modern in that order.
    5. chocolate or rolo
    6. yes, but not very well. When I was a kid I could only whistle by inhaling – now I can do it properly but barely.
    7. my side and I have the bed head to prove it each morning.
    8. soft fried with a plate of homemade chips!
    9. Cetaphil – it’s fantastic
    10. Absolutely!

  3. Okay, here I am, too stuffed from lunch to move or do anything useful, so I will do my post now!

    1. NOTHING. I am STUFFED. But a big icy cold beverage would definitely hit the spot.
    2. None. I don’t wear any jewellery. Haven’t even got pierced ears.
    3. Iceland. I have a thing about volcanoes. Also? New Zealand, and cruising around the South Pacific hitting all the little wee islands.
    4. I took tap dance when I was maybe 4. But I locked myself in the bathroom, so I don’t really think that counts as “lessons”. And I took ballet as a teenager.
    5. Vanilla. Followed by French vanilla. Followed by triple chocolate.
    6. Not really, no.
    7. Yes. All of the above.
    8. Soft poached, with toast soldiers to dunk in. Or soft scrambled, with parmesan cheese mixed in.
    9. Aveeno. Rocks my world.
    10. Are you sure? I am trusting you on this. I don’t want people pointing at me and saying “who’s the badly dressed fat chick?”… or worse, “who’s that strange refugee from a sci fi convention?”…

  4. 1.Nothing. we just finished dinner.
    2.Two gold chains, watch, diamond ring, wedding ring and gold earrings. I wear them every day.
    3.Can’t think of any place right now.
    4.I have taken dancing lessons. Ballroom dancing. We use to do a great cha cha. We did three different sessions and loved it.
    5.Butterscotch pecan.
    6.Yes, but not very well.
    7.I sleep on my side, right or left I take turns.
    8.Scrambled, when I eat eggs.
    9.I like Aveno for dry skin,It works great on dry skin.
    10.It looks great. Go for it. But does it go with the pen?The one you are using to sign that big cheque.

  5. 1. I would love a bagel right now!
    2. Amethyst necklace
    3. Salt Spring Islands – bike it!
    4. I took ballet a few years ago from a woman in her late 60’s. It was so much fun!
    5. I love DQ’s chocolate dipped ice cream but does that count?
    6. No and I have tried!
    7. On my side.
    8. It depends. I do love omelettes but I also like them over medium and I like them hard boiled in a salad. I don’t really like them poached except when its eggs benedict.
    9. I like clinique but I also like Vichey but that best one that I have used is one that I purchased from a spa and I can’t find it anywhere
    10. I think that you can pull it off!

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