Friday Fun: Spring has SPRUNG!

WHEE! It’s going to be 25 degrees today! I am SO going outside, baby! WOOT! Meh, I’ll probably rake the lawn. But STILL.

Plus, we’re heading to Buffalo tomorrow so it’s shaping up to be a FAB weekend!

So our Friday Fun today will be outside and spring-like and warm.

  1. Tell me 3 pretty things you can see from your window.
  2. Choose: strawberry shortcake, fruit flan, or angel food cake?
  3. What’s your favourite type of bird?
  4. What’s the hottest place you’ve ever been?
  5. Choose: hanging baskets, window boxes, or ceramic pots?
  6. If you’re enjoying a little time outside relaxing, where’s your favourite place to sit?
  7. How many adult beverages does it take for you to start feeling sleepy?
  8. What’s a good picnic lunch for you?
  9. Choose: Butterflies, ladybugs or dragonflies?
  10. What should I start with: raking the lawn, moving the perennials, or edging the garden?

YAY! Spring is here!

3 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Spring has SPRUNG!

  1. 1. Trees, Hydro line, roof or house
    2. strawberry shortcake
    3. Cardinal
    4. Mexico
    5. All of them but if I have to pick one I guess it would be ceramic pots
    6. In the sun
    7. One
    8. Wine, chees and baquette
    9. Butterflies
    10. Rake the lawn but make sure you wear gloves.

  2. Caroline… the hydro line is pretty?

    Well I hope everyone is out enjoying the lovely weather… because it’s very quiet in here!

    Okay, here’s mine:

    1. Trees in the conservation area, a robin, and my early spring flowers poking up in the garden
    2. I think fruit flan. Not so much a fan of the strawberries, but I like other berries.
    3. I like grackles. They’re funny. And these little yellow birds we get here that fly really really fast and whose name I cannot remember right now because I am tired.
    4. The Dominican Republic. In summer. It was 120 degrees on the pool deck and the entire country looked brown. Crabs were continually leaping into the pool to get cooled down.
    5. I am a fan of the pots, myself. I have many.
    6. I like to sit on a rocking chair on the porch in the shade.
    7. One glass of wine makes me want to fall face first into my dinner plate, I’m so sleepy. However…Two make me want to drink more and talk a lot.
    8. I think I like something basic, like good bread, sliced meats and cheeses and tomatoes and pickles, and a nice homemade potato salad. Maybe a fruit salad for dessert. I like a simple picnic lunch.
    9. Hmmm. I used to like ladybugs because they are lucky. But since we’ve had so many of those ladybug-like beetles in recent years… I’m going with butterflies.
    10. Advise well, for I am counting on you!

  3. Sorry I am late. Tax time, but at least I am done and they are off to the accountant.

    1. There is a race horse breeding farm across the road from me and these animals are truly very pretty, especially when they are running; Adirondack chairs with beautiful colorful carved pansies for the backrest in blue, yellow, and purple (hand carved here in NS); and my maple trees just coming into pretty red buds.
    2. Strawberry shortcake for sure.
    3. Chickadee, their song signals spring for me.
    4. I guess Florida, but Nova Scotia has been getting warmer each summer.
    5. Window boxes are so pretty.
    6. In my screened in gazebo in my swinging chair.
    7. Just one does it for me. Not much of a drinker.
    8. Anything someone else makes. Cinn I am coming to your next picnic. mmmm.
    9. Butterflies.
    10. I hate to say it but raking the lawn. No matter how pretty your flowerbed and things may be, if your lawn is messy it ruins the effect of the blooms. Have fun.

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