Random List of Randomness

  • I love listening to podcasts. (I’ve said that before, haven’t I. Oh well. Go ahead and skip down if you want.) From the yoga classes I do online, to listening to Stephen Fry while I go for a walk (as he advises to do) to watching Gorgeous (and brilliant) George on The Hour while I make dinner, podcasts are a fantastic thing. It’s just like all the things I love about radio, without the commercials. And with better sound. And on the computer. Okay, so not EXACTLY like radio. Maybe like what radio could be. And TV too. The variety is tremendous, and I can choose whatever I am in the mood for whenever I want. And it’s free.
  • My sports bra is broken. The wire is poking out at one end and stabbing me in the armpit. And it’s a really great bra, too. I hate when that happens. Damn.
  • I didn’t win the pet photo contest at Canadian Living. Damn again. Oh well. I shall console myself with the fact that they OBVIOUSLY don’t know from cute pets.
  • Today is a good day to make cookies.
  • My seeds have sprouted! Well, 50% or so have, anyway. I have tomatoes, and basil, and dahlias, and cockscomb, and gazanias… hopefully we’ll see some more before too long. I have to set up an indoor greenhouse this week to put them all in to growgrowgrow over the next two months, which may or may not be a pain in the whatzis. The plastic cover is in the garage, no doubt being peed all over by Adventure Mouse. And the greenhouse framework is currently being used as a shoe rack in the hall closet. Le sigh.
  • Every last one of my cats is full of beans today. It’s going to be one of those days. I can feel it.
  • I’ve got to get out with a shovel and do some digging soon. In my garden. I have perennials I want to split and move and a garden I want to enlarge and edge. I suppose a plan is in order.
  • Do you ever get a craving for something to eat even though you are not hungry? Just now I thought “ooh, French toast would be FAB” and yet, I am not hungry. Sometimes I just like the IDEA of food, I think. Maybe I should invent flavoured sprays to spray in your mouth so when you get a craving you can just go “PFFFFT — MMM! French toast!” without actually eating anything. I bet I’d make a fortune.
  • Inventing something would require science and math. Science puts me to sleep (unless it’s of the MythBusters variety, in which case things are getting blown up, and that is GOOD) and math makes no sense whatsoever to me. So I think inventing is not in my future.
  • The baby’s room has been cleared out to the point that you can go in there and walk around. There’s still an extra single bed in there, and the carpet needs shampooing, and the walls need painting, and all the furniture is leaning up against the wall and has to be assembled… but progress has been made.
  • I have to go for my walk now. Ta.

6 thoughts on “Random List of Randomness

  1. I love George…almost as much as I love Anderson Cooper but not quite 😉

    I have heard or read about Stephen Fry twice today…I must google him now and see what he is all about.

    I quite often crave food, but am the opposite…I will be hungry, have a craving but can’t figure out what my craving is for…weird!

    Hope you had a good walk!


  2. I have some motherly advice about the sports bra. I had one that I loved and it went the same way so I pushed the wire back as far as I could and darned the hole with lots of loops of thread and it lasted me for a good while after that. I know !!!
    I have been told that I am thrifty. I am being polite. Everyone else said I was cheap.

  3. Ooh, Rana… I love Anderson Cooper too. I used to download his podcast but it was SOOOO US-election-intensive. Maybe I’ll go back once the election is over.

  4. That bra thing made me laugh – try tape, I did. (I used scotch tape on mine, and forgot and it laundered surprisingly well.)

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