Friday Fun: Variety

It’s a rainy, cold, windy day here at the House of Peevish. That’s April for you — warm and sunny one day, cold and blustery and rainy the next. But it is not snow and so that is a good thing.

So it’s a mixed bag here at the Friday Fun, just like the weather. A little warm, a little cold, a little good, a little bad… Variety is good.

  1. What’s your favourite rainy day activity?
  2. Have you got any flowers coming up in your garden yet? What are they?
  3. When doing yardwork: bucket hat, baseball cap, or Tilley hat?
  4. Are you afraid of heights? (as I watch a repairman climb on to the neighbours’ roof, and contemplate getting out there myself someday to fix the siding…)
  5. What bugs do you think are the ugliest bugs?
  6. What’s your favourite thirst-quenching beverage?
  7. Stone patio or wood deck?
  8. What colour is your umbrella?
  9. When’s the last time you turned a somersault?
  10. Should we drive to New York this weekend to watch a tournament, or stay home and do stuff around the house?

And now, I am off to visit the ever-magical Miss Isabella (and her mom and baby brother). We are off to Toys for Us (which is her name for it, and really — isn’t that more appropriate?)

3 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Variety

  1. 1. Napping.
    2. Yes we do.Daffodils, tulips, day lilies, Irises, daisies
    and some weeds.
    3. No hat. I hate them. I occasionally wear a visor when
    4. At one time I could get up there and work alongside my
    hubby but now I get feeling a little off balance.
    5. Earwigs.
    6. Water.
    7. Stone or brick patio.
    8. I have several, one is purple and one is green.
    9. I can’t remember.
    10. New York sound more exciting to me.

  2. It looks like another quiet weekend here on the internet Mom! It’s just you and I in here! Oh well, that just means more wine for us!

    Okay, my turn.

    1. I think I enjoy reading or knitting best. Although if it’s cold, I can read with a Lucy on my lap… not so much knitting, since she tries to play with the yarn.
    2. I haven’t braved the back garden yet. But I can see from the window that my day lilies are coming up and also up front I have some grape hyacinths peeking through.
    3. I have a bucket hat that I got from an MS Walk a few years ago that is good for yardwork. In fact, BDH and I always try to beat each other to getting it from the cupboard to wear.
    4. I used to LOVE being up high. But I think as people get older they get more scared of heights, because I am now.
    5. There are so many, but earwigs, praying mantises, and any of the ‘pedes creep me right out.
    6. I like a good iced tea, myself.
    7. Patios are more organic to the landscape. EVERYONE here in subdivisionland has a deck hanging off their house, and it looks silly. I want a patio because it’s closer to nature.
    8. Is broken a colour?
    9. Oh gosh, I think when my nieces were small, maybe 10 years ago. Although I have done some since then on the court playing defense…
    10. Well? I await your advice.

  3. I’m here, just a little bit late as usual.

    1. Reading or knitting.
    2. I have crocuses, lilies, and tulips.
    3. Visor if I have to.
    4. Not so much.
    5. Earwigs.
    6. Water, water, and more water.
    7. I HAVE a stone patio but WANT a wooden one.
    8. I have two golfing umbrellas, one is white and black, one is white and red.
    9. I couldn’t possibly remember that…maybe when I could actually move without pain.
    10. Stay home, who needs all those people..ugh. I really have become a home body. And I see so much around my house that needs to be done, I am sure the same is true for you. Put BDH to work while you can. Summer will be here soon and then you can play on the weekends when it is too hot to work.

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